Border with Ukraine: it was easier to cross the car


Many of us have to visit the territoryour nearest neighbor - Ukraine - for the purpose of recreation, tourism or business. We get there in various ways: by train, car, sometimes by plane. Each option has its pros and cons. It is very convenient to travel by own car. For those who are going to visit the neighboring state in this way for the first time, we will try to outline the situation a little. What is the border with Ukraine? By car, we'll try to cross it.

border with ukraine by car
As everyone knows, the train is easy.You show the border guard a passport and a completed immigration card, he puts a stamp, tears off half of the card for himself, and that's it. If you show a foreign passport, it will be even easier - you do not need to fill in the form, because you will be put in the mark on crossing the border. Having crossed the border with Ukraine, you can stay on its territory for 90 days.

In the case of traveling by car toThe above documents are added your driver's license and registration documents to the car. There are also other requirements. First, it is necessary to have insurance for the vehicle, and secondly, the distinguishing sign of the Russian Federation - RUS. On a modern registration number plate, such a designation is available, so you do not need to acquire it and stick it on.

border crossing with Ukraine
If the second paragraph is clear, then the firstyou need to stop a little. You want the border with Ukraine to be overcame quickly and without problems, remained as a pleasant memory, take care of the Green Card in addition to Russian insurance. "Green Card" will allow to extend its effect to the territory of Ukraine, and other countries - parties to the treaty. You can get in any large insurance company while you are at home. The minimum period for which you can draw a card is 15 days. The price is 530 rubles.

Also, based on practice, you can purchaseinternal Ukrainian insurance and easy to travel with her around the country. Legislation does not prohibit this. But there are many nuances, because of which it is still better at home. In this case, the border with Ukraine by car intersects without any surprises. Since immediately behind the border gate there are many booths, where these coveted documents are sold,

border with ukraine by car 2012
which often turn out to have nolegal force. And in the event of an accident, they will be declared invalid. There are many schemes of deception, and we will not dwell on this now. Normal internal insurance costs 617 rubles, you can buy it in the booth, where you will send a border guard at the exit barrier when checking the availability of this. Everything, we can assume that the border with Ukraine has been overcome. By car and without any problems.

In addition to documents, compliance with allcustoms regulations. It is necessary to take into account the norms of importation of cigarettes, alcohol, medicines, and cash into the neighboring state. Last year, there were more restrictions on many items. For example, it was possible to import goods without paying taxes only by 200 euros. This year the figure is increased to 500 euros. Increased the period of the vehicle on its territory from six months to one year.

A slight comparison with how beforethe border with Ukraine was crossed by car (2012). The queues were noticeably larger, the requirements were tougher, including frequent vehicle inspections. Now everything has become simpler. And if you guess the time, then go through the queue and all the formalities can be maximum for a couple of hours, and not for a day, as before.

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