Is the metro station "Sheremetyevo" real?


Station "Sheremetyevo" on the subway map is notexist. But the desire to correct this annoying omission came about from the time when the first terminal of the international airport was put into operation. Only in the first time this question was considered a discussion category, but it has long since become a category of concrete projects. The need for Sheremetyevo metro station has steadily increased as the country's main air harbor has grown and developed. Accordingly, the flow of passengers in both directions also grew. With this it was necessary to do something for a long time. The situation has become particularly acute in the last decade. Leningradskoe highway leading to the airport, is one of the busiest in Moscow. In the "peak" hours, it becomes one long, insurmountable obstacle. To get on your flight, air passengers have to leave a few hours before it leaves.

metro Sheremetyevo

Ways to get to Sheremetyevo

The most reliable vehicle hereis an aeroexpress, regularly departing from the platform of the Belarusian Railway Station. Perhaps, only he alone guarantees the accuracy of arrival at the required airport terminal. Railway transport in no way depends on traffic jams on the Leningrad Highway. But you can use other types of public transport in order to get to Sheremetyevo airport. The metro station "Rechnoy Vokzal" of the Zamoskvoretskaya Line is the terminal stop for several routes of municipal transport, which provides passengers with airplanes 24 hours a day. And, of course, a taxi that has not been canceled yet. But it is expensive and does not depend on traffic jams only at night.

 Sheremetyevo airport metro station

Should I continue the green line?

But here's the question of when it will be possible to get thereto the metro station "Sheremetyevo", it is not yet possible to give a concrete answer. There are several projects for the development of the subway in the north-west direction, but most of them are still in the stage of sluggish discussion. It would seem that the most logical proposal is to continue the Zamoskvoretskaya line further for the "River Station", gradually moving to the new terminal station, to the metro station "Sheremetyevo". But this idea is met with less and less support due to the high project cost. Expenses will remain very significant, even with the open variant of the continuation of the green line beyond the Moscow Ring Road.

Sheremetyevo on the subway map

Through Khimki

Recently, more and more relevantthere is a variant of the so-called "light metro". In this case, the metro line should come to Sheremetyevo airport through the Moscow region of Khimki and its surroundings. The advantage of this project, in addition to its relatively low cost, is also that a densely populated district of the Moscow region will be provided with a reliable transport highway. But at the present time we only know the name of the terminal station - the metro station "Sheremetyevo". But the question of what path the metro line will come there, remains without a concrete answer. But this answer is interesting for Muscovites.

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