The largest airport in Siberia is Khanty-Mansiysk


Khanty-Mansiysk Airport is the largest in the region. The air transport junction serves international and domestic flights. The enterprise has a strip for take-off and landing in length of 2,8 km. There is a reinforcement along the sides with a length of 60 m. This ensures safe take-off and landing of any type of air transport with a weight of up to 80 tons inclusive.

Khanty Mansiysk airport

Technical capacity - guarantee of passenger safety

Located in the capital of KhMAO, the airport is equipped withSP-90 - this is the name of the newest powerful instrumental landing system, ensuring the safety of lifting and reducing air transport. There are SCE drives, radio equipment is installed, tuned for short-range navigation. The airport is equipped with a surveillance radar.

Such a rich technical base ensures thatAir transport can land even when the weather is unfavorable. Above KhMAO often difficult flight conditions, poor visibility, unfriendly climate, long winter is rich in snowstorms. For this reason, the transport hub was equipped, manned with everything possible to ensure safety. Practice shows that because of the low visibility above the KhMAO aircraft are forced to make unplanned landing. The airport of Khanty-Mansiysk is designed for such emergency situations.

A bit of history

Airport Khanty-Mansiysk dates back to 1934of the year. It was then that Ostyako-Vogulsk landed an experienced pilot Tselibeev. The flight was carried out by airplane "AIR-6". The flight was carried out as part of the preparatory work for the construction of the route near the Irtysh and the Ob. At that time, the settlement was equipped with a small airfield, which is in the possession of the Samara airport. Over time, the air transport junction increased, and the settlement was renamed Khanty-Mansiysk.

information of Khanty Mansiysk airport

A month after the landmark flight of Tseleibeyevthe flight that drove passengers to Obdorsk started from Ostyako-Vogulsk. The flight was made with an additional stop in Samarovo. In 1935 the work on the arrangement of regular air service between Ostyako-Vogul and Tyumen was finally completed. 1956 was marked by the renaming of the settlement, 1973 - the construction of a new building, in which the airport functions to this day.

Since in recent decades in Russiaactively developing industry associated with the extraction of oil and gas, together with it the living standards in the regions increase. The KhMAO is not an exception, therefore the capital of the district grows from year to year. This affects the geography of flights. Airport Khanty-Mansiysk serves flights between cities within Russia and countries. The enterprise is equipped with the latest devices and systems to fully meet the requirements of foreign commercial companies.

hotel airport khanty mansiysk

Airport Service

An airport guest can count on a full range of standard services. The territory is equipped with:

  • waiting rooms for several levels of comfort;
  • the room of mother and child;
  • storage chambers;
  • baggage packing service;
  • medical care.

What if the guest needs a hotel? Airport Khanty-Mansiysk is equipped with a waiting room for increased comfort, where you can relax for a short time. To stay for a few nights, it is better to go to the city. If you walk just a few steps from the airport building, you can see a taxi stand. Orientated drivers will quickly deliver the guest to the chosen hotel. In the city there are several places where you can comfortably accommodate, they differ in the level of service and price.

airport khanty mansiysk how to get

Please note that there is a voice announcement in the airport hall for all flights arriving and departing.

Passengers who ordered a VIP service cancount on a meeting room with office equipment and unlimited free Internet access. Personal transport can be put in the parking lot near the airport.

How to get there?

The passengers flew to Khanty-Mansiysk airport. How to get to the city? Simply simple: the transport node is located right in the city. Coming out of the automatic doors, the traveler is in Khanty-Mansiysk. There are public transport stops nearby. City taxis are waiting for their customers.

Helpful information

The airport is located in Russia, in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk, "lives" in the time zone +5 GMT. There is one terminal in operation. Airport codes:

  • internal: ХАС;
  • IATA: NMA;
  • ICA: the NCWM.

The air transport hub is located at: Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, Yugra, airport. The information desk of Khanty-Mansiysk Airport has all the necessary information that will interest passengers.

Khanty Mansiysk airport

The building is based company UTair, issuesThe Yugraavia company is engaged in the operation of the facility. The transport hub is considered the main one on the territory of Western Siberia. The new building of the complex of the transport hub was put into operation in 2001.

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