How to get to Domodedovo from Yaroslavl station and not be late for the flight


The question of how to get to Domodedovo fromYaroslavsky railway station of the capital, most often interested in those who were in Moscow by travel or even got into it for the first time in their life. To the native Muscovites the road to this airport is well known. With all that, although there are several options for solving this problem, knowledgeable people prefer Paveletsky railway station as an intermediate point, when one has to answer the question of how to get from Yaroslavl railway station to Domodedovo. Such a decision is justified for many reasons. The main of them - certainly become famous, Moscow traffic jams. Transport congestion on the main metropolitan highways and adjacent intersections make the problem of free movement in Moscow unsolvable. Especially during rush hours.

how to get to Domodedovo from Yaroslavl station

How to get to Domodedovo from Yaroslavsky railway station in the best way

Paveletsky railway station as an intermediatepoint on the way to Domodedovo airport is chosen by native Muscovites absolutely not by chance. Aeroexpress delivers its passengers to Domodedovo airport in just forty minutes. It is sent every half hour and costs only 320 rubles. This is the only type of transport that is completely independent of traffic jams. You can get to the Paveletsky railway station from Komsomolskaya Square without transplants and very quickly. And this is another serious argument in favor of choosing this route when deciding how to get to Domodedovo from the Yaroslavl station. Taking into account the trip by metro, the road to the airport takes just over an hour. Aeroexpress provides its regular customers with a system of bonuses and discounts. The disadvantages of this option include only the fact that at night the half-hour interval for the departure of Aeroexpress is not always maintained.

 how to get from Yaroslavl railway station to Domodedovo airport

How to get to Domodedovo from Yaroslavsky Station by taxi

This option is suitable if you arrived in Moscowat night, and there is no way to wait for the opening of the subway. In this case, the taxi is the only available mode of transport. Fortunately, there are no traffic jams in the capital at night. But here there are some peculiarities. To travel to the airport did not cost more than a thousand rubles, do not pay attention to either the private taxi drivers who meet you at the car, nor to the official airport taxi service. It is best to contact by phone at any of the Moscow taxi services. The machine will be served quickly, and the tariff will be minimal.

how to get from Yaroslavl railway station to Domodedovo

Other options

How to get from Yaroslavsky railway station toDomodedovo on a fixed-route taxi? This option is fairly common, but has significant drawbacks. First, you will have to go with a transfer at the metro station "Domodedovskaya". Secondly, this popular form of public transport in the daytime depends heavily on traffic jams on the way. And to guarantee the timeliness of arrival at the airport is very problematic. In addition, to the metro from Domodedovo there is a express bus 405 of the route.

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