The nearest airport is Novorossiysk. Novorossiysk: how to get by air


The question is whether there is an airport in Novorossiysk, worries many who decided to rest in Russia on the Black Sea coast. There are several options, how to get to these places by air, for flight lovers.

Unfortunately, the city does not have its own airport.Novorossiysk is located between two adjacent to it located by other air harbors. Although, if desired, you can use other airports, to which the distance is a little more.

Gelendzhik Airport

The nearest is Gelendzhik airport. Novorossiysk is just 40 km away from it. The airport operates recently, since 2010, and is intended for communication between Russian cities.

To get there from him to Novorossiysk is more convenient and fastest by taxi. You can get there by regular buses to the Gelendzhik bus station, and then take the bus to Novorossiysk.

airport of Novorossiysk

Vityazevo Airport

Another air port is 62 kilometersfrom the desired goal. This is Vityazevo-Anap airport. Novorossiysk is only an hour away from it. Vityazevo has international status and is more famous.

is there an airport in Novorossiysk

The message here is also bus, but a larger number of tourists prefer a taxi.

Other options

If you decide to get toBlack Sea coast by plane, then you can safely take a ticket to Krasnodar. Pashkovsky airport will take you here. Novorossiysk, however, is from here in 165 kilometers, but not on foot is the same distance to overcome. Just to get to the place, it will take a little more time and money.

You can get to Novorossiysk by train,by train or bus. The train will spend only two hours on the road, and certainly it will not prevent traffic jams. And the ticket price is not high, within 350 rubles. Approximately the same, or slightly less, there is a ticket for a bus and an electric train.

And one more alternative is the International Sochiairport Adler. Before it 311 kilometers. But here you can stay and admire the structures that were erected to the Olympic Games in 2014. After all, tourists are an inquisitive people, and certainly there is something to look at. From the bus station Sochi to Novorossiysk there is a bus. Flights are sent four times a day, the fare is approximately 500 rubles.


Thus, the nearest airport to Novorossiysk is Gelendzhik for domestic flights and Vityazevo for international flights.

It must be remembered that if you are in advancethey booked accommodation, then many owners provide a free transfer to the station, airport and back, or for an additional fee, but it is usually much more profitable than taxi drivers. So please specify this when booking.

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