The Dead Island of Poveglia


In the Venetian lagoon, near this picturesquecity, is located abandoned and not accessible to all tourists the island of Poveglia. This place is considered damned from the very beginning of times, therefore here nobody ever lived, did not build beautiful castles and churches, did not equip the beaches along the picturesque sea bay. Italians call this place "the gates of hell", "valley of ghosts", and all because these lands are covered with human bones, which have been lying here since the time of the Romans.

In antiquity in Europe, the firstoutbreaks of plague. Since most of the land belonged to the Roman Empire, all laws came from the emperor. And so, from all the cities and provinces on the island of Poveglia began to exile sick people, so that they did not infect the others. After the suicide bombers ended their earthly journey, their bodies were burned, forming giant mass graves.

In the Middle Ages, the epidemic began again in Italybubonic plague, but this time the island of Poveglia became a real torture chamber for the sick. They were not allowed to wait quietly for their time - many were burned alive here and did not even bother to bury. After the illness subsided, this place was covered with ash haze and was forgotten for a long time.

In the early twentieth century, the island was discovereda psychiatric hospital, and a bell tower was added to it. Since then, all the sick who have fallen into its walls, swore, as if they hear endless shouts, see ghosts, feel overwhelming fear. Soon the paranormal phenomena became obvious for the doctors, which led to the popularity of such an operation as lobotomy. However, in these parts it was done using a drill, a hammer and other improvised tools. Again, the island of Poveglia became a torture chamber for people who, for one reason or another, fell out of a normal society.


Soon after, one of the doctors whohe saw the ghost, when he made a lobotomy to his patient, he died, having fallen from the belltower, the hospital was closed. The island remained empty, but modern lovers of mysticism, psychics and adventurers are stepping on its land.

If you decide to go to the island Poveglia, thenthe path begins with a sea walk. After landing directly on the beach, you will see the same bell tower from which the doctor fell. Near it, in the ashen hills, you can see the ruins of a church erected here in the 12th century.

the island of the photo
On one of the coast of the island isThe defensive fortress, which is called "octagon". Not far from it is a two-story hospital building, which is not distinguished by its outstanding architecture. Nearby there are houses that are in dilapidated condition and gradually become overgrown with ivy. Most likely, they lived doctors who worked in a madhouse.

His darkness, ashes and the remaining smell of burningall tourists and residents of the country scares the island of Poveglia. Italy recently sold these lands to a private owner, but the latter could not make them picturesque and attractive for tourists, despite the natural landscape. Everyone is afraid to spend the night here, as there are legends about screams and groans, which are published by the plague-infected martyrs. If you ask the Venetians, they will not tell you anything about Poveglia Island. Photos and videos of people who have been here can be the only reliable source of information about what is happening in these mysterious lands.

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