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Turkey is a wonderful country that is famous fornot only with its magical resorts and excellent sweets, but also with magnificent landscapes, interesting excursions and a benevolent population. Today, the most popular places for recreation are Antalya, Side, Kemer, Marmaris and Bodrum. To enjoy the country's history and charming landscapes, sights, tourists visit Troy, Istanbul, Ephesus, Pamukkale and Hierapolis. But all vacationers are interested in one main question - about how much time to fly to Turkey.

how much to fly to Turkey

Features of Turkey

A wonderful Turkey is often called "landcontrasts. " It is an extraordinary country with a great history and a hardworking people. Going on vacation in a warm state, of course, many are wondering about how much to fly to Turkey. Unfortunately, exact time can not be called, since it directly depends on the point of departure. Depending on the distance of your city to a mysterious country, the flight also changes, namely its duration. Of course, this is influenced by other factors, but in general time is calculated by minutes.

A place where you can forget yourself

how long does an airplane fly to Turkey

Many were in Turkey, and others only dream of itto visit. Anyway, people return to an unusual country for new emotions. They are fascinated by the ruins of Troy or the captivating magnificence of Pergamum. Tourists expect to see the ruins of Ephesus and mentally return to the past, they are interested in the artistic and cultural heritage of the country. Also, some just come to rest. After all, everyone knows that in the country you can find thrifty, but no less comfortable from this resorts, on which you can relax and forget about everything. And in this case, tourists are interested in how much to fly to Turkey, before this divine place.

Time of flight

Today, a great country represents the worldone of the best resorts, charming landscapes, architectural monuments and attractions. The purpose of a trip to a warm country varies from person to person, but all of them are united by the desire to reach the place where the fairy-tale begins as soon as possible. That is, tourists are interested in how much to fly to Turkey.

how much time to fly to Turkey

Let's start with the great city of Moscow. To get from the capital of Russia to Turkey, tourists will need no more than four hours. Often the time frame ranges from 2 hours and 50 minutes. up to 3 hours 40 minutes. Also, you can fly to the country in a few hours from cities such as St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. On the road in this case will take about 3.5-4 hours. As for the distant cities of Russia, here the time is slightly increased. For example, from Krasnoyarsk to Turkey, fly about seven hours, from Novosibirsk - 6 hours and 20 minutes, and so on.

Modern Turkey

The country is really rich in spiritual andmaterial plan. Today on the streets of cities you can meet those who support Islam, and people who borrowed the traditions of nomads. I would like to mention the important religious holidays of the Turkish people. They include Sheker-bairam, Kurban-Bayram. During these events, everything around ceases. They are noted, as a rule, in the family circle, but if the tourist supports the Turkish residents, they will gladly share their emotions with the dear guest. Also, the Turks celebrate the feast of circumcision, which is given a huge sacred significance. All this can be seen by arriving in a stunning country. Tourists should be acquainted with the information on how much to fly to Turkey, in order to correctly plan your day and further leave.

how many hours before turkey fly

Sights of Turkey

Usually, when planning to visit the eastern country,each person is interested in how many hours to fly to Turkey. On average, the time that tourists need is 4-4.5 hours. It is very difficult to calculate exactly until the last minute. After all, in addition to the fact that people live in different places, other factors should also be taken into account. For example, did the landing take place in time, what are the weather conditions and whether the country's airport will be able to receive its guests at the planned hour.

For clarity, let's cite the time of flight forsome cities. For example, from Sochi, a tourist will reach Turkey in 5.5 hours. If you depart from Ufa, this time will be reduced by 1.5 hours. From Ekaterinburg you can get in 4-4.5 hours, and from Surgut - for 6.5 hours. Thus, it is possible to determine approximately how long the plane flies to Turkey ( depending on the point of departure).

It is also important to pay attention to the airport, inwhich will be carried out landing. In Turkey, there are several international institutions that are ready to accept any aircraft. Thus, each person can arrive to Istanbul faster or, conversely, later than, for example, in Antalya. When choosing a ticket, you should consider how far from the airport the hotel is and on what transport it can be reached (if not provided by the travel company). Having learned in advance all the details of the trip, you will be able to fully enjoy your visit to Turkey.

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