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What is Montenegro? It is an unusual country with picturesque landscapes and transparent sea waves, crystal-clear climate and, of course, friendly people. The resorts amaze guests from all over the globe with its beauty and diverse cultural and entertainment program, and the hotels in Montenegro - affordable prices and high level of service.

Rest, able to surprise

Coming to the resorts of Montenegro, travelersimmersed in the extraordinary atmosphere of a clean and healthy environment, unique excursions to numerous local monuments of history and culture and quality rest for quite a little money. At any time of the year, guests are welcome here, for whom a large number of different entertainments are offered. Sea country will please fans to eat original dishes of traditional cuisine, which, you can believe, do not know how to cook correctly in any other country in the world. And lovers of winter recreation overflow the hotels of Montenegro from the very beginning of the ski season - they know for sure that such pure snow and such pristine slopes can not be found elsewhere.

Hotels, hotels, villas

Prices for accommodation in local hotels and hotelsare fairly democratic. According to a long tradition, many hotels and hotels in Montenegro are categorized according to the letter codes "A", "B", "C" or "LUX", but some have successfully passed the European certification and got a more familiar classification of the star of the European. Reviews about hotels in Montenegro, experienced travelers give ambiguous, as some of them are most suitable for winter holidays, and some for summer holidays, so it is necessary to evaluate the hotels depending on the type and type of holiday.

A hotel with a fairly high cost of living,but with an upscale service and cozy rooms - this is the hotel "Montenegro Star", modern, attractive, equipped with modern technology and "staffed" by experienced staff. It is located in the resort of Bechiti - one of the best in Montenegro, and allows you to literally in a few seconds to run to the sea and rush into his tender, warm, riddled with the sun and fresh wind embrace. On the territory of the hotel there is everything for an excellent rest: fitness centers, swimming pools, cafes and bars - if you are willing to lay out for this holiday a little more than for living elsewhere.

For example, in the hotel "Mediteran" - completelyreconstructed, renovated and ready for the influx of tourists. The highest quality of services, proximity to the cleanest beaches with picturesque corners and warm waves, as well as the opportunity to conduct a stormy nightlife in nightclubs and restaurants - all this offers this hotel, located in the resort of Becici.

Do you want to impress your friends? Go on vacation to the elite hotels of Montenegro, for example, in "Bellevue Iberostar all inclusive". This place, completely renovated and reconstructed, is one of the most popular hotels in the country. Here often stop coming to rest celebrities, so for living have to pay quite a lot. However, the high cost is relative - if you compare with the cost of a hotel room in the center of Paris or London, the hotels of Montenegro seem to be quite modest and budgetary options.

If you do not have too much money - there is a way out. Blue Star Hotel is located not far from the coast, it works all year round and provides its guests with not only a quiet rest, but active activities in its sports center.

The original solution for a romantic holidaylovers - private villa. Attractive restored houses with 3-5 floors are perfect for spending a few unforgettable days and nights here, devoting time only to themselves.

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