Which Kemer hotels with a sandy beach can be chosen for recreation


Rest on the sea coast has long been forour fellow citizens is quite common. But if previously it was considered prestigious to visit Yalta, Sochi or, at worst, in Odessa, now more often the routes are chosen more exotic. Turkey in this respect has become as dear to us as the Crimea.

We leave for Kemer

hotels in kemer with a sandy beach
To start a couple of words about those areas where you are,dear readers, direct your feet. On our planet, many amazing places, and Kemer rightfully can be attributed to them. This is one of the areas of the famous province of Antalya, a Mediterranean resort town on the Turkish coast. The local corner of the earth breathes an antiquity, its history remembers Alexander of Macedon and Mark Antony. Near the resort are the ruins of ancient cities. It is not without reason that one of the largest tourist centers of Turkey is located here. The only "but" - hotels in Kemer with a sandy beach are quite rare, but more on that later. In general, there are many different types of hotels - luxury five-star hotels, budget hotels - 1-2 stars, family pensions ... The resort area of ​​the province includes such areas as Kemer itself, Tekirova, Beldibi, Kirish, and others.

More about the coast

hotels in Kemer with a sandy beach for families with children
Now let's talk about Kemer hotels with sandythe beach. At once we will specify: the soil is rocky, the terrain is mountainous, and the sandy coast, familiar to us, is simply not there. The approaches to the sea in natural form are only pebble. Of course, the stones are turned in waves and do not bother with walking. Especially if the hotel technical staff cleans the coastal zone and removes large "pebbles". And it also sprinkles the surface with imported sand. Which Kemer hotels with a sandy beach, more precisely, almost sandy, can we name? These are "Boran Mare", "Amara Ving", "Royal Palm", "Amara Club Marin" and others. We repeat: basically the surface of the coastline is pebbly, but the pebbles are so sifted, shallow that it seems as if you are walking along coarse-grained sand. Well, a thin layer of it is present too. In addition, there are upscale, five-star hotels in Kemer with a sandy beach - also a bulk, but scattered thick layer, under which a rocky base is practically not felt. At the water's edge, naturally, and further into the interior, you will have the same pebbles under your feet, but it is almost impossible to hit it or cut it. We mean comfortable beaches of the hotels "Klikiyya Palace 5", "Amara Dolce Vita", "Press di Finika Resort 5", "Marco Polo" and others.

Family holiday

hotels in kemer with a sandy beach 4 stars
Let's say you decided to spend the whole familyor a weekend in a hot Turkish sunshine. Which hotels in Kemer are suitable for you with a sandy beach? For recreation with children, choose in the first place those in which, in addition to the general table, there are also menus for children. In addition, it is important that your child has an interesting leisure, so that he can entertain, play, without interfering with the rest of his parents. Therefore, the hotel should have play areas, attractions, children's pools with various entertainments. Further, for your convenience, it is desirable that among the services provided by the hotel are wheelchairs and babysitting for very young, as well as instructors, educators for children from 2 to 5-6 years. It is important that among them there are Russian-speaking employees. Which hotels meet these requirements? Already mentioned above, "Amara Dolce Vita 5", "PR Club Kaplan 5", "Vog Avantazh" "Cilicia Palazzo" and others. Actually Kemerovo Galico-sandy beach, shaded with orange trees, will give a luxurious pleasure to the sea and entertainment for both children and adults.

We select accommodation

hotels in Kemer with a sandy beach 1 line
Rent a room in a five-star hotel ora luxurious elite club, of course, by far not everyone can afford. However, modern hotels in Kemer with a 4-star sandy beach (beach in bulk) are practically the same as those with a higher rank. Infrastructure is highly developed and ramified. The rooms are comfortable, cozy, nice, comfortable. The living conditions are chosen so that each guest feels at home. The main difference between these establishments and super-expensive ones is more democratic prices. These hotels are designed for middle-class people who want to relax qualitatively, but without overpayment. For example, the hotel "Magic 4". It has its own private beach, outdoor and indoor pools. Fitness center, sauna and Turkish baths, spa treatments will provide an opportunity to sunbathe, swim, get healthier in full, join the eastern exotics. Car rent is offered. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, safes, there are small refrigerators, TVs with satellite TV, 24-hour and free internet access. In the living rooms comfortable upholstered furniture. Bathrooms include hair dryers and bath amenities. Meals include European cuisine and national cuisine, the dishes are served in buffet style. To such types of institutions are also "Sultan's Beach", "Camyuva Beach" and others.

First line from the sea

hotels in Kemra on the beach
Well, we list hotels in Kemer with a sandy beach, 1line from the sea. Firstly, it is "Presa Di Finica Hotel 5", which tourists rightly call a piece of earthly paradise. He is in the suburbs of Kemer, the town of Finika. Amazing architecture, stunning interiors, a comfortable beach with free loungers, umbrellas and soft drinks make the resort a perfect place to relax. The food in the hotel is organized on the principle of "all inclusive". Another truly fabulous place - "Ozkaymak Marina". A picturesque place, charming landscapes, excellent service and a wonderful beach - the limit of dreams and demands of even the most demanding tourists. Well, finally, an elite hotel, really expensive for prices, but luxurious in service, location and evoked emotions - this is the "Amara Dolce Vita Hotel". As you can see, you can always choose the most suitable accommodation option. So go to Kemer and enjoy your life!

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