Airplane engine surging - what is it? Causes, consequences, solutions


Airplane engine surging - what is it?Definition should be understood as a failure of the turbojet engine of an aircraft vessel, a violation of the stability of its operation. Typical signs of such a malfunction are the appearance of cotton, smoke, reduced traction, powerful vibrations.

Airplane engine surfacing - what is it?In fact, the root of the problem lies in the loss of a steady flow of air through the turbine. Without taking emergency measures, this can lead to a fire and destruction of the engine.

Aircraft engine surging: causes

The surging of the aircraft engine is what it is
Among the possible causes that can lead to a malfunction, it is worth highlighting:

  • the aircraft's departure to an out-of-the-way trajectory, at which maximum loads are exerted on the engine;
  • damage to impeller blades due to end of their service life or malfunction;
  • hit in the engine of foreign objects;
  • strong gusts of the side wind;
  • critically low ambient air pressure.

What solutions are used in aviation to prevent surging?

Use in the design of several separateshafts is the main solution, which helps to prevent the surging of the aircraft engine. What is it? The shafts in the engine move at different speeds, independently of each other. Each of them carries a part of the turbine and engine compressor. Modern aircraft usually install units that contain 2-3 independent shafts. If one of them fails, the others are able to maintain the thrust that is required to move the ship in the airspace.

How to eliminate surging during the flight?

The surging of the aircraft engine is that it
Airplane engine surging - what is it?This phenomenon quickly leads to the destruction of the engine during the flight. In the event of an emergency, pilots move the engine to a reduced speed or even shut it off for a while. With timely detection of the problem and application of this approach, surging usually disappears by itself.

Increasing the temperature of the engine during surging cana few hundred degrees per second. Therefore, modern firearms are installed in automatic fire fighting systems. It allows you to eliminate the fire, which gives the crew more time to make the right decisions. When the automation is activated, the fuel supply is interrupted or reduced at the same time.

Aircraft may for a whilesend in a free peak, if there is a surging jet engine. What is it? On board, all engines are disconnected. The airplane begins to gradually lose altitude until the fire is eliminated. Then, the engines return to the fuel supply and return to normal flight mode.


cause of aircraft engine surging
Engine surging can become quite seriousproblem during the flight. However, modern advances in science and technology make it possible to cope with this phenomenon. Today, aircraft are equipped with all sorts of signaling devices for the crew, fire-fighting automation, systems that perform a timely shutdown of the unit and its restart.

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