Mysterious places of the planet - Pink Lake Hiller


It would seem that what else can surprise the continent, in which everything is so unusual? But Lake Hiller with bright pink water is an unsolved miracle of the stunning Australian nature.

Lake Hiller
It is located in the archipelago Resursh, at its verya large island of Middle (Middle), off the southern coast of Australia. Lake Hiller is salty and shallow, and the water in it has a juicy dense pink color. When you fly low enough on the plane, you can see a stunning look, worthy of the surrealist painter's brush: in the middle of the island lies a bright pink oval with smooth edges, framed by a white "frame" of sea salt and a dark green eucalyptus forest. The pink surface of Lake Hiller is often compared to a giant bubble gum or glittering glaze for a cake.

History of the miracle

Pink Lake in Australia was the first timementioned in 1802 in the notes of Matthew Flinders. This famous British hydrographer and navigator made a stop on the island of Middel during his journey to Sydney.

Then the whalers and hunters who lived near the southern coast of the mainland in the 30-40s of the 19th century were talking about this lake.

At the beginning of the last century, they decided to get salt here, but six years later the activity ceased. And in the 1950s, the first scientific studies of salt water of surprising color were carried out.

Lake Hiller Australia
Now Hiller Lake, Australia, is visited by numerous tourists who want to see for themselves that it is really as pink as in the photos.

Interesting fact

Water looks bright pink in any quantity, even in a small vessel, regardless of the angle of view.

Imagine how amazing the sunset looks when, in the soft pink Australian sky, the orange sun slowly descends into pure pink water!

A little information

The size of the reservoir is very small - about 600meters in length and 200 meters in width. From the ocean, an amazing pink water is separated by a sandy strip covered with a dense eucalyptus forest. Around the lake there naturally appeared a white ring of sea salt, which gives an additional contrast. Going to the lake is quite difficult because of the dense ring of eucalyptus trees that surround the lake. But, nevertheless, you can walk here and even bathe in salty rose water!

Why is it pink?

pink lake in Australia
Scientists believed that Lake Hiller with its juicypink color is due to the special seaweed Dunaliella salina, which in a very salty water emit a bright red pigment. Similar algae have been found in other pink lakes of the world.

The samples of Lake Hiller were carefully studied, but tracesthe suspected algae were never found. Studies conducted by different scientists and at different times, so the reliability of the result can not be doubted. The color of water is still a mystery.

Australia likes to impress likethings, so the pink Lake Hiller took its rightful place among the living wonders of the local nature, along with the bright red mountain of Uluru, the Shark Harbor, the desert of the pinnacles of Te-Pinnakles in the Nambung National Park, the striped Bangl-Bangle Mountains, the Kangaroo Island, the Simpsons and Great Barrier Reef.

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