The Trinity Bridge is a noble symbol of St. Petersburg


Trinity Bridge serves as a real decorationNorthern capital. Its majesty and power combined with a unique decorated pattern and rich history make it a real find not only for ordinary tourists, but also for professional designers and engineers.

Trinity Bridge

The Trinity Bridge was erected in 1824 on the spotPetersburg bridge and at first it was also a dive, that is, floating. An interesting detail: at first this building was to be named in honor of Suvorov, whose monument is in close proximity, but later the Troitskaya Square was adopted for the landmark with the cathedral of the same name on it.

The city grew, and its needs also grew.The bridge bridge no longer responded to the current moment, so it was decided to build a permanent bridge. The final decision was made in 1892, after which not even an all-Russian, but an international competition for projects was announced. The company won G. Eiffel, but she never managed to translate their plans into reality. The building is called "Trinity Bridge. St. Petersburg "began to build another French company -" Batignol ", whose project was advantageously low-cost, and it was assumed that both workers and materials would be domestic.

Trinity Bridge Saint-Petersburg

In parallel with the erection of the main structurewere covered with granite embankments, which connected the Trinity Bridge, Ioannovsky and Sampsonievsky. In total, under the granite was about 1100 meters square. The grand opening of this part of the city was specially timed to the memorable date - the bicentenary of the founding of St. Petersburg. This event, which took place in an extremely solemn atmosphere, was attended by the first persons of the city and the state, as well as the President of France, for whose retreat a special marquee was placed.

Trinity Bridge on the map

The revolution that occurred in 1917 led tothe fact that the Trinity Bridge was renamed. A year later he received the proud name of the Equality Bridge, and from 1934 for a long 57 years he became Kirovsky. Only with the end of the Soviet era this magnificent engineering structure was returned to its former name.

In the terrible 1941-1944.Leningrad, as is known, for a long nine hundred days was in blockade. During this time, hundreds of thousands of shells, bombs and cartridges were fired onto the city, but the Troitsky Bridge suffered slightly. Only after twenty years was the first major reconstruction, which turned it into a modern engineering structure. Also, quite serious work was done on the eve of the celebration of the city's 300th anniversary, the result of it was the return of the bridge to the former grace.

To date, the total length of the structuremore than 580 meters, and the part that rises above the river - about a hundred meters. Troitsky Bridge on the map of sights of St. Petersburg takes its rightful place. It is not by chance that for several years now it has been the object of Russia's cultural heritage. Thousands of tourists admire it both during the day and at night.

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