Macau: the sights of the former Portuguese colony


The amazing city of Macao can be called "thisstate in the state. "Here, casino and picturesque places for quiet walks, monuments of classical European architecture and Chinese culture are intricately combined, Macau's sights form an unusual picture full of both Chinese and Portuguese details.

Macau: tourist attractions
This city is completely different from the others and definitely deserves to be seen. Find something for yourself under the power of every tourist who finds himself in Macau.

Sights of a religious nature

As in any city, no small value in Macaohave religious monuments. First of all it is worth noting the church of St. Paul. Any brochure dedicated to this city necessarily contains a photo of this place. The greatness of the church is preserved, despite the fact that the years left only fragments from it. Once it was the largest Catholic structure in East Asia, and now there is only a staircase and a facade. In the seventeenth century, this church impressed with its bas-reliefs and many statues of the inhabitants of Macau. The sights are often tragically destroyed, and this building was destroyed by the strongest fire. Nearby is the most interesting museum of sacred art, in which you can see the elements of a wide variety of religious cults. In addition, in the crypt of the building are preserved the remains and relics of Christians who once took a martyr's death. From the Asian side of Macau attractions -

Attractions Macau
is the temple of the goddess A-Ma and her twenty-metera white statue made of jade. The temple complex is one of the oldest and was built before colonization. Now this place is popular with tourists from all over the world.

Architecture of Macau

One of the most interesting old buildings inthe city is Fort Guia, once created in order to protect against the rest of China Macau. Reviews of tourists from around the world note the need to visit this fortress. In the last century there was an additional construction - two world wars pushed the inhabitants to create shelter from air attacks. Here is the chapel of Our Lady of Guia, as well as a fifteen-meter lighthouse. It is considered the oldest on the entire Chinese coast, and not just in Macau.

Macao: reviews

Attractions are also preserved in the areaSt. Lazarus, built up by the colonialists. For example, it is worth visiting the cemetery of Archangel Michael, where many famous people of that time are buried. Do not forget to go to Taipe's house museum. This is a luxury museum complex of five green villas. In the last century, they were built by the wealthy Macau, and now the buildings are used for exhibitions and permanent exhibitions. Here you can get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Portugal, the neighboring islands of Coloan and Taipa, learn about the local traditions of fishing, making fireworks and cooking oyster sauce, touching the lives of people who lived here a hundred years ago.

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