Romantic cruises in the Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona


Thanks to the film "Titanic", which tells aboutthe tragic love of the main characters on board a chic transatlantic liner, the concepts of "romance" and "cruises" are tightly connected in the mass consciousness of modern people. Caribbean, Norwegian fjords, the islands of Polynesia - which only you will not see, traveling in the cabin of a white handsome-ship. Such routes are convenient because at one time you can see several countries, many amazing natural beauties and interesting cities. And during a break between excursions, you do not have to wait for uncomfortable transfers at the airport or train station, you do not need to shake in the bus, and you can sunbathe and swim in the pool on the upper deck of the ship or just spend time with each other. What else is needed for a romantic honeymoon wedding trip?

Cruises of the Caribbean

But here we will talk about specific cruises - onThe Mediterranean Sea. This is the most beautiful reservoir of our planet. It washes the coasts of 21 countries and three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. During one trip, you can visit five countries at once. Just choose a route: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta ... Or maybe you are tempted by a slow slide along the African hot beaches - Tunisia, Libya, Egypt? Mediterranean cruises are popular all year round, but the weather certainly will not overshadow your holiday from May to October. Modern ships are absolutely reliable and very comfortable.

Mediterranean cruises

From the major ports of Italy, France and Spainthese liners are sent to cruises in the Mediterranean Sea. From Barcelona, ​​for example, you can make an eight-day trip with a stop in militant Malta, romantic Naples, ancient Rome, beautiful Florence. Prices for such cruises can not be called budgetary, but after all there is a journey aboard a huge floating hotel-resort. Like land-based hotels, liners have four or five stars. In fact, this is a small town with everything you want: cafes and restaurants (all inclusive), casinos, swimming pools, gyms, spa salons, boutiques and even tennis courts.

For tourists who choose cruises forThe Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona, ​​there are a lot of different offers. They differ among themselves both in price, and in the length of the journey or route. You can limit yourself only to the Balearic Islands of Spain (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza), and you can go to distant Greece (Crete, Rhodes and other islands) or go leisurely along the European shores, skirting Italy's boot.

Cruises in the Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona

It should be remembered that, when going on cruises onThe Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona, ​​you do not condemn yourself to a permanent stay in a confined space aboard the ship. Such days, where you are in the open sea around the clock, are extremely rare. In general, the tour takes place in coasting movement near the coast. Departing from one port in the evening, in the morning the liner arrives in another, where passengers are waited by a lot of interesting entertainments. Buses to the gangway are already taking tourists to fascinating excursions deep into the mainland, for example, to Milan, Florence or Rome.

Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea from Barcelona are convenientand the fact that you can save on air tickets, since the sea voyage ends where it begins - in the capital of Catalonia. In addition, it makes it possible to combine sea cognitive rest with a relaxing beach, because you can book a hotel somewhere on the Costa Brava or Costa Maresme before or after the cruise.

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