Planning a vacation: how to get to Anapa by car


Anapa is a city that we love fromthe times of the Soviet Union. Here were the best sanatoriums and health-improving complexes. The modern city of the Krasnodar Territory has developed infrastructure, sea, sun and medical air. Today's tourists with pleasure come here from year to year, not only for relaxing by the sea, but also to fully enjoy the most beautiful landscapes. Many people have a question about how to get to Anapa by car. In this article we will answer it.

Anapa how to get there by car

City `s history

The development of the city began from the moment whenAnapa has become part of Russia. Unknown to this city developed so rapidly that soon had the proud title of the largest port city. The development of the port entailed a flow of tourists, the development of Anapa began in the resort and recreation area.

By the will of fate the city got an amazing placeon the map. It is at this point that the Taman Peninsula and the Great Caucasus intersect each other. A smart combination of the plain Kuban area with the Black Sea and strong mountains. Anapa is able to give the tourist an unimaginable range of feelings. And the cleanest mountain-sea air will favorably affect the health of the body. So safely go by car to Anapa.

Beaches of Anapa

by car to anapa

A special theme awarded to the incredible beaches of Anapa. After all, where else in Russia can you find such a place in which the present beaches serve as a former river. Previously, the Kuban River flowed into the Black Sea, but over time its course changed, and the reservoir itself dried up. From now on, in its place beautiful sandy beaches adorn with a gently sloping entrance to the sea. This is an ideal place to relax with children, there is sand around and is relatively shallow. The impressive length of the coastline makes you feel comfortable even during the high tourist season. It remains to figure out how to reach Anapa by car.

How to get there

The convenient location of the city will allow maximumquickly, comfortably and cheaply get here from anywhere in Russia. This resort can be a great alternative to traveling abroad. You do not have to pay an expensive flight or visa, and this will help save a significant portion of your budget. There are several options to get to Anapa. The choice of the fastest and most comfortable way depends directly on where you are in the country. You can use the following modes of transport:

  • Aircraft.
  • Intercity bus.
  • Car.
  • A train.

route by car to Anapa

From the capital to the resort - 1475 kilometers, the exact route by car to Anapa, we now consider.

Of course, the aircraft will be the fastest, but alsoa little expensive. Using the services of railway transport, you can save about 30% of the cost of tickets. If we talk about comfort, the train will be preferable, but time will take more than any other mode of transport.

We drive by car to Anapa

And now more about how to get there by carto Anapa. Leave better in the evening to reach the night without traffic jams. First you need to go on the track M-4 Moscow-Don. From Rostov it is necessary to turn towards the Krasnodar Territory.

Through the settlements Kanevskaya and Leningradskayaa shorter route passes. It is necessary to go to the track P-268 and go towards Timashevsk. Turn to the road that leads to Slavyansk-on-Kuban. Further you will meet such settlements: Anastasievsk, Korzhevskoe, Varenikovskaya and Anapa. How to get there by car and avoid traffic jams, now you know.

Where to stay

A wide choice of hotel in Anapa with easewill satisfy the desires of tourists both business class and those who have a limited budget. At your service are luxurious VIP hotels with a full range of services, including spa salons.

how to reach anapa from Moscow by car

For a more modest, you might say, home rest, locals offer to rent the daily rooms in guest houses or cottages.

Any resident of the Krasnodar region will tell you how to get to Anapa by car. Before this city from Moscow it is necessary to pass 1475 kilometers.

What to have fun while on vacation

Like any seaside resort, Anapa offersits tourists a variety of water activities. However, recently such a tendency has been traced that more and more people are interested in cultural as well as historical monuments of cities.

Be sure to set aside time and go toa fascinating excursion to the Abrau-Durso valley. In addition, that this in itself is quite colorful, with beautiful landscapes a place, there is another curiosity. The well-known factory of sparkling wines works here since the beginning of the XIX century and pleases tourists with its products. A wonderful addition can be a horse ride or a safari.

how to reach anapa by car

Very correct is the choice of this resort inas a family vacation. Here, not only the shallow sea, which is very popular with families with children, but also many other entertainments. Your child will definitely enjoy visiting the city's aquarium, because here you can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the sea depths in the immediate vicinity. And, of course, a visit to the dolphinarium will cause inexpressible sensations. Dolphins can not only admire, but they can also swim with.

Did not forget the city and the youth. Nightlife here is developed at the highest level. If your plans include a fun vacation on the beach, Anapa will find something to surprise you with.

A magnificent sea vacation that is capable ofto give this city, will remain in your memory for many years as a bright and fascinating journey. Now you know about another beautiful resort of the Krasnodar Territory, as well as how to reach Anapa from Moscow by car.

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