Moscow SVO - what airport?


The city of Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation,daily takes in its embrace more than sixteen million people. Residents of suburban neighborhoods and regional satellite cities, the so-called commuters, people who work in the capital, but are not among those who are in Moscow, visitors and other cities and countries for permanent or temporary work, expats, and tourists are in this mass about one-third of the total number of people living in one place.

Aviakhab of Moscow

Serving of million-millionaires with flightshas always been a headache for local authorities. In the capital, the role of many thousands aviahaba fulfills the combination of the three major airports in the Moscow region: Domodedovo DME, VKO Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo SVO. Which airport is the main or main airport in this triad is hard to say. Select any one of the other air gateway is complicated by the fact that they leave daily from their terminals, and international flights operate simultaneously in one of the busiest air corridors in Europe.

svo what airport

History of development

According to the international classification, the airfield hasname Sheremetyevo Moscow SVO. Which airport is hidden under this symbol? It begins its history from the first of September 1953, when the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the organization of the construction of a central airfield for the air forces of the Soviet Union was issued. Four years later, the first runway and taxiways were launched, and two years later, in 1959, the first arriving plane with passengers from Leningrad landed here. Coordination and management of commercial and technical services was conducted from a special Central Point of Management, organized by order of General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev. He was struck by the grandeur and scope of London's Heathrow Air Center, and after returning from an official visit to the United Kingdom, allegedly accidentally dropped the phrase saying that it would be time for the country of councils to have a similar complex. At that time, such remarks of the political leadership were considered a call for active action, and in three months the status of the passenger flight center for the Sheremetyevo airport Moscow SVO was obtained. Which airport in the world can boast of such a rapid reorganization?

svo d what airport

Further development

Since 1961 with the recently commissionedWFP starts charter flights to Cuba, the United States and Canada, as well as to Mexico, Argentina and Australia. November 20, 1967 from the aerodrome runway the first Aeroflot airliner took the direction to the city of New York. In the late sixties and early seventies the palm of the championship of the largest air-air complex on the territory of the USSR acquired the airport, which was famous for Moscow - SVO. Which airport is big for the occupied area, you could be sure, after visiting him personally.

moscow svo what airport

Sheremetyevo-2, the same Terminal F

The current Terminal F, and before renaming itair terminal "Sheremetyevo-2", was inaugurated on May 6, 1980, a few days before the official opening of the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. During the international tournament on sports, the airport served about half a million foreign air passengers. Designed to serve more than six million passengers a year, it was thoroughly renovated in 2009. The sterile zone of passenger traffic was made as large as possible, without unnecessary fences and partitions. The location of duty free shops Duty Free was carefully thought out and optimized for the convenience of passengers departing from Sheremetyevo SVO. Which airport in our vast country displays so much care about its customers?

svo airport

The popularity of the charter

Since March 2007, part of the international flights,arriving at the northern airport of the capital, were decorated in a new terminal. In the route receipts of arriving passengers, the place of arrival was indicated as Sheremetyevo SVO C Moscow. Which airport will be their final destination, tourists did not have questions. But what is Terminal C?

svo c which airport

Increased demand for charter flights in the beginningtwo thousand years forced the airport's leadership to directly look into the eyes of the growing problem of the lack of the actual space of two passenger terminals. Passenger traffic is steadily growing every year. More and more people are finding the time and money to spend their two weeks of summer vacation abroad. And this applies not only to the residents of the capital. Many destinations, especially on a charter basis, run through Sheremetyevo Airport SVO. Which airport of departure, is not particularly taken into account when compiling flight plans. The main task, from a commercial point of view, is to host all incoming flights and help travelers to go on their way, and to make money on this, of course.

Terminal C

To solve these problems, it was decided tothe introduction of a new terminal - Sheremetyevo SVO C. Which departure airport is needed, it was clear to everyone, but how to get to the new building and where is it located? Specifically to resolve these issues, the management of the air complex launched a free bus route from Terminal F to Terminal B and with an intermediate stop near Terminal C, near the former Sheremetyevo-1.

svo c moscow what airport

The ordinary traveler immediately appearsdoubt. Like, cheap charter flights entail the corresponding service. But the level of service in SVO C what? The airport offers here its customers the same standard of quality as in the main terminals. For the convenience of passengers, 30 check-in desks and 36 passport control cabins are involved. The safety of preflight procedures is ensured by an automatic three-level system of baggage screening and sorting. A large covered car parking for 1000 places is connected to the new terminal by a pedestrian gallery. Since October 2008, on the third floor of the terminal, an Orthodox chapel has been opened for visitors.

Smart and safe

In 2011 the Control Center was openedSheremetyevo Airport SVO. Which airport is really now what it is, anyone can understand, looking deeper into the specially developed business processes of coordinating the work and management of the services of passengers, their luggage, and also the aircraft that transport them. The integrated system of video surveillance, viewing of luggage and hand luggage promotes the safety of passengers. There is also a separate cynological service and a system for profiling passengers on the territory of the airport 24 hours a day to identify potentially dangerous personalities by the method of psychological testing. Separate attention deserves the standard 20/12, first introduced in the terminal SVO D. Which Russian airport is ready to deliver its passengers luggage 12 minutes after the airplane is parked at the telescopic ladder, and no later than 20 minutes for the last suitcase?

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