Alley of Glory in Hollywood - a museum of stars in the open air


The first thing that we associate with the Americanthe film industry and the stars of famous blockbusters - this is Hollywood. In this area of ​​Los Angeles recorded a record number of celebrities per square meter. Since 2006, it has its border, life boils here day and night, obeying its own laws of show business. The main monument and part-time open museum of the achievements of the entertainment industry is the Walk of Fame in Hollywood - a place that must be visited by anyone who has ever visited Los Angeles.

alley of fame in Hollywood

The main attraction of Hollywood

What is this Alley of stars that you dream ofto get in the capacity of "exhibits" many actors, musicians and other representatives of creative parties? It takes several blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street streets, the pavements of which are lined with five-pointed coral-pink stars, mounted in slabs. Each of them is decorated with a brass border and the name of a celebrity that has left its mark on the art and hearts of millions of people. Although there are those who are waiting for their time, so that the Hollywood Walk of Fame replenished with another famous name, which earned a place on the sidewalk of success. To inscribe the name in the given star, the lucky person is given five years after the ceremony.

The path of the star from the ceiling to the sidewalk

The idea of ​​creating an "open museum of stars" arosestill in the 50's of the 20th century, and inspired by the ceiling of the hotel "Hollywood", decorated with many stars. It was decided to lay out the pavement from them, and work began on approving the list of candidates. Initially there were 6. Since its opening in 1960, the Walk of Fame in Hollywood has grown to more than 2,500 stars - representatives of cinema, theater, radio, music and television. However, in order to be elected, it is necessary to truly deserve and win the love of millions of spectators and listeners.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Names worthy of the Mall of Fame

Whose star can be seen, walking along thethe famous alley? Among those who can rightly be called the legends of the film and entertainment industry - Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Charlie Chaplin, Jack Nicholson and others. Of the modern celebrities, whose names captured the Walk of Fame in Hollywood - Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Joni Depp, Sharon Stone, Sting, Jennifer Lopez and many, many others. It is interesting that not only real actors and musicians, but also fictional characters deserved the honor to appear on the avenue. So, at different times here were laid stars of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, The Simpsons, Shrek and some other heroes of popular cartoons.

photo Walk of Fame

Against the system: atypical cases for the Walk of Fame

Almost all stars with names of celebritiesMounted in the pavement of the Walk of Fame. But not all. There is one star that adorns the wall of the Dolby Theater - it belongs to the famous boxer Mohammed Ali. So the owner of the award appropriated himself, in order to preserve the purity of the Prophet Muhammad's name: it is inadmissible to trample such a star with his feet. But some representatives of the glamorous get-togethers found another solution to the problem, giving up the stars presented to them. Among them, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and a few more celebrities. Whether they thought that the Walk of Fame in Hollywood - too "loud" and ostentatious place, whether they considered themselves unworthy to replenish the collection of "elected."

Hollywood star alley

Meet the Alley of Stars on colorful photos

If you have never been to Los Angeles, andHollywood - this is only a distant dream, then closer to the "habitat" of celebrities will help make the photo there. The alley of glory is imprinted on them in all its glory and grandeur. The stars here are as follows: those who became the lucky winner of the Oscars, got a place near the Kodak movie theater, others - near the Chinese Grauman Theater. Have a nice walk!

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