Rest in Montenegro - Charm of the Adriatic


Rest in Montenegro is the choice of tourists who appreciatethe opportunity to be alone with nature. Lovers of silence, families with children and those who do not want to spend huge sums on rest will be satisfied with the rest in this tranquil country.

about country

This small country, located on the Balkan Peninsula, meets travelers all year round. In summer here you will find a cozy beach holiday, in winter - ski resorts.

To enter Montenegro you do not need a visa, because for a period of up to 30 days there is a visa-free regime.


The business card of this country is an islandSt. Stephen and the monastery Ostrog, carved in the rock. Beautiful views will please the Boka-Kotor Bay. Historical buildings, monasteries and churches are rich in the ancient cities of Budva, Ulcinj, Herceg Novi and the former capital of Cetinje, where the royal palace is located.

Visit Lake Skadar, which is the largest and cleanest in the Balkans, where pelicans live and fish of the Karan live.

At the very top of the Lovcen mountains is the mausoleum of Peter Negosh - the famous ruler and spiritual enlightener of Montenegro.

Podgorica - the capital of Montenegro will offer you to get acquainted with the monastery of Celia Piperskaya.

Resorts of Montenegro

The main resorts of the Hercegnovska Riviera areKotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat; Budva Riviera - Budva, Rafailovici, Becici, Przno, Milocer, St. Stephen, Sutomore, Petrovac, Bar; Ulcinsky Riviera - Ada-Boyana, Ulcinj.

The most popular tourist area is the Budva Riviera. It occupies the central coast of Montenegro. This place is considered the sunniest on the whole Adriatic and even Europe.

The beaches of Montenegro stretch for more than 70 km along the sea. You can meet and sandy beaches, and artificial concrete platforms as a beach cover.


Here the temperate continental climate, in the mountains -Alpine, and on the Adriatic coast - Mediterranean. The coast is much warmer than in the central part of the country. Summer in the seaside region is long, dry and fairly hot. The swimming season starts at the end of April and lasts until the end of October. Therefore, a beach holiday in Montenegro has a fairly long period. The average air temperature in summer is 28 degrees, and the water in the sea for seven months is not lower than 20-26 degrees. Rest in Montenegro is ideal for lovers of warmth.


Prices for accommodation in hotels on the Adriaticthe coast and Kotor Bay are low, but in the interior of the country they almost reach the European level. The level of service in hotels at the same time to the European, obviously, still does not hold out.

Popular type of accommodation is accommodationon the villas. The only drawback of the favorable location in the villas is their some remoteness from the sea - 300-500 meters, but tourists are not scared.

All the possibilities for recreation

The best resorts give travelers an excellentmood and cheerfulness. In addition to the sea, you will find here many good bars, restaurants and discos. Sports facilities are available for tourists. There are all conditions for water sports in the country. Therefore, rest in Montenegro will not seem boring to you.

Tours to Montenegro

Rest in Montenegro reveals all the advantages of this country. For many tourists, it becomes a permanent place for summer or winter holidays.

You can always buy a tour to this countryin advance or book a hot tour to Montenegro. Applying for a tour, you at a very reasonable price will be in a beautiful country and you can enjoy the clear sea and picturesque nature. In these environmentally friendly places you will feel like a pioneer, and your children are small robinsons.

You can book last minute tours to Montenegro online through the website of the tour operator. This is the fastest and most convenient way to book tours, as well as hotel rooms and airline tickets.

The tour can be searched for independently,using information posted on the network. You can set the time of the trip, the requirements for the hotel, and then choose the best of the options. The system will show you the approximate cost of the trip. All details can be further discussed with the managers and receive a booking confirmation of the tour.

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