Singing fountains, Krasnodar: address and photo


What could be better than a quiet family holiday onbackground of a picturesque water stream. And if earlier such sources were usual, now their diversity amazes the imagination of even the most spoiled inhabitant. One of the most famous cities where you can meet incredible singing fountains is Krasnodar. How to find them? What is their feature? And how do they work?

singing fountains of Krasnodar

A unique fountain in the Theater Square

Being in Krasnodar, one can not help noticing such an unusual musical pond in the Theater Square. And although he has no such name, his name is the most "singing". And it is truly magnificent.

Unlike other similarsights of the city, this fountain has a unique structure. Imagine only that it does not contain a single large bowl at the bottom. On the contrary, its water trickles emanate from under the earth. They appear very unexpectedly. Like many other singing fountains (Krasnodar - a city with a long history), this one can create high and long streams. First they rush to the sky and at one point they disappear, as if dissolving in the air. Miracles, and only.

singing fountains in Krasnodar time

Design, components and brief description

As we already said, on the Theater Squareis one of the largest fountains, belonging to light-musical flat type. It was created in early 2011. During idle time it is practically invisible. But, when he works, all 377 streams of water rise to the sky. Some of them can reach the height of a nine-story building. When the water is not turned on, the surface of the fountain is no different from the usual flat area. This feature allows you to use it as a scene during various events.

When water flows around the fountainlighted LED lights. There are 640 of them here. The music plays, and the streams of water rise and fall, carefully practicing their crown "na" in an unusual and incredibly bright dance. However, almost all singing fountains possess such abilities. Krasnodar is considered one of the major cultural centers of Russia. It is here that a large number of museums, art galleries, parks, cinemas and exhibition halls are assembled. And, of course, its attractions deserve special attention.

When it works: weekdays and weekends

This incredible beauty fountain works inweekdays and weekends. And from Monday to Thursday, it is included from 10 am and continues to operate until 10 pm. But only on weekdays his musical accompaniment is turned off. But everyone can enjoy an incredible light show. From Friday to Sunday, the fountain is open from 20:30 until 23:00. At this time, in addition to lighting effects, it is really possible to hear pleasant and beautiful music.

Where is: landmarks

Find this singing fountain in Krasnodar (timehis work depends on weekdays and holidays) is not difficult. It is located in the heart of the city, not far from the building of the Krasnodar Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky. There is also a city administration.

singing fountain aurora Krasnodar

Cascade giant "Aurora"

Another spectacular landmark of the cityis considered a fountain called "Aurora". Its grand opening took place in September 2014. Singing fountain (Krasnodar) "Aurora" is a huge water complex, consisting of two parts: cascade and planar.

In this case, the first part of the site is traditionallyis represented by three ground bowls 20 x 20 m, made of granite. They are connected with pumping equipment and 824 nozzles, which can not only throw up water streams, but also create amazing voluminous illusions. The second site was 22 x 23 m. It was supposed to be used only in the evening. In the afternoon it was not used as a fountain, but as a summer theater with 4,000 seats for spectators.

singing fountain in Krasnodar time of work

Singing fountains in Krasnodar: the time of work "Aurora"

Fountain complex "Aurora", which is worth paying attention to visitors, works on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday, from 10:00 to 22:00. From Friday to Sunday, it is open from 10:00 until 23:00.

Sometimes it can include on holidays,for example, during city festivals, competitions, events timed to the city day. At this time he works from Friday to Sunday from 20:30 until 23:00. You can find this landmark in Krasnaya street, 169.

Other fountains of Krasnodar

Other singing fountains (Krasnodar informallyconsidered the most picturesque city of the Russian Federation) will also be of interest to tourists. For example, in the Square of Friendship a small fountain has just appeared. But many remember that earlier in the same place was a statue of "The Boy on an Elephant". She was successfully transferred to another part of the park, and construction work was completed only four years later.

Another interesting place to go,is considered a water complex near the House of Books (Krasnaya Street). It includes the central fountain "Compass", and he himself is represented in the pre-revolutionary style. He works both day and night. At a later time, it turns on the backlight.

The most "wedding" fountain is the complexCatherine Square, located near the Legislative Assembly. It was opened in 2007. Since that time, it has become the most favorite attraction among the newlyweds.

As you can see, there is much to go in Krasnodar and what to do. The main thing is not to forget to take a camera with you.

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