Full list of cities in the Samara region


The Samara region is in the southeastEuropean part of Russia, is located in the middle reaches of the Volga River. It stretched for 335 km from north to south and 315 km - from west to east. It is the fifth largest region in the Volga region. The list of cities in the Samara region is not very large. In total, it includes 11 settlements of this category. The largest (one millionth) is Samara, the smallest is Neftegorsk.

list of cities in the Samara region

An exhaustive list of cities in the Samara region with a brief description is provided in the article.

A complete list of settlements with the status of "city" in this administrative unit of the Russian Federation

So, the full list of cities in the Samara region in alphabetical order looks like this:

  1. Zhigulevsk. Famous landmark of the city is the Volga bend Samara Luke.
  2. Kinel, close to which there is a mourning monument in honor of the mother, from whom the Great Patriotic War took all the sons.
  3. Neftegorsk lies in the center of oil fields.
  4. Novokuibyshevsk. In the city, much attention is paid to sports.
  5. Oktyabrsk lies on the shore of the Saratov Reservoir.
  6. Pleasant, a neighborhood which is rich in gas and oil.
  7. Pohvistnevo was transformed into a city in 1947.
  8. Samara is the center of the economic and scientific and cultural life of the Volga region.
  9. Syzran is known for the Kashpir deposit of oil shale.
  10. Togliatti is a major center of the automobile industry.
  11. Chapaevsk is a city of military valor and labor glory.


Each of the above cities has a differentnumber of inhabitants. The largest city in the region is its center (Samara). Its population, according to the census of 2016, is 1 million 170 thousand 910 people.

cities of the Samara region list by population

How many inhabitants have other cities in the Samara region? The list of the population is as follows (in descending order):

  • Togliatti - 712 thousand 619 people.
  • Syzran - 174 thousand 559 people.
  • Novokuibyshevsk - 103 thousand 908 people.
  • Chapaevsk - 72 thousand 933 people.
  • Zhigulevsk - 55 thousand 52 people.
  • Otradny - 47 thousand 470 hours.
  • Kinel - 34 thousand 940 h.
  • Pohvistnevo - 28 thousand 150 people.
  • October - 26 thousand 550 h.
  • Neftegorsk - 18 thousand 242 people.

Now you know what the list of cities in the Samara region looks like.

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