How much to go to Goa, and why is it worth it to get here?


Goa belongs to one of the most prestigious resortsof the world. It is attractive for tourists with comfortable beaches that are washed by gentle waves of the Indian Ocean, and a mild climate conducive to comfortable rest. There is a resort a few hundred kilometers from Bombay. Often there are not only travelers who prefer relaxed rest, but also those who want to get to know India's exotic and cultural culture.

However, there are tourists who believe that thisthe terrain is too far away, and therefore do not even consider this resort as a holiday destination. Therefore, it is worth dwelling in more detail on how much to fly to Goa.

how much to fly to goa

Of course, the travel time will depend oncity ​​in which you are located. For example, direct charter flights and flights with one change fly from the Russian capital. If we talk about how much to fly to Goa from Moscow, then the approximate time spent in the plane will be about 7 hours. This number may fluctuate slightly in the greater or lesser direction, which can be affected by weather conditions. The approximate distance between these two points along the airway is about five thousand kilometers.

If you have chosen a flight with transfers(suggested ways through Doha or Frankfurt am Main), then to the question: "How much to fly from Moscow to Goa?" it is impossible to answer unequivocally, as time increases due to the waiting of an additional aircraft. So, it can be from 10 to 15 hours.

how many fly to go from moscow

In case the journey begins inSt. Petersburg, you need to consider that this city is located north of Moscow, therefore, the time spent on the road will be spent a little more. From here also fly and direct flights, and with transfers. On average, the road will take about 10 hours, depending on the chosen flight.

Talking about how much to fly to Goa from Kiev,you need to take into account the chosen route. So, a direct flight to the resort can be reached after 9 hours. But if you fly with transplants, then a lot of time will have to be spent at the airports of other cities, and the travel time can stretch to two days. From Ufa direct flight to Goa is designed for 6.5-7 hours. But if you have to make transplants (usually in Dubai and Mumbai), then time will almost double.

how much to fly from Moscow to Goa

Given how much to fly to Goa, Russian touristscan refuse such a trip. About what later it is possible to regret. After all, time can be spent on an interesting book or magazine, and modern airlines offer a large number of amenities to make passengers feel comfortable. And, of course, you can be sure that the time spent at this resort will be remembered by bright impressions from a fabulous holiday.

Knowing how much to fly to Goa, you can choosethe shortest route that will help reduce travel time. At the same time the resort offers tourists a wide range of modern amenities. Here, everyone will find something to their liking. And colorful local bazaars and modern shopping centers will delight the ardent fans of shopping.

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