Directions to Sheremetyevo, Terminal D


Gathered on a trip, but do not know how to get to Sheremetyevo? Then this article is especially for you. Below you will find various routes to the D Sheremetyevo terminal.

A bit about the airport

Sheremetyevo is one of the three airports in Moscow. It consists of several terminals. Each of them has a capacity of about 12 million people a year. The main operator is Aeroflot, which also holds more than 85% of flights.

Sheremetyevo terminal map

Directions to Sheremetyevo, terminal D by bus

In order to get to Sheremetyevo by bus, you need to come to one of three stations: "River Station", "Leninsky Prospekt", "Planernaya". Below, we will consider each separately.

  1. "River Station". You need to take the bus 851 or 949.
  2. Leninsky Prospect. To get to Sheremetyevo, take bus 1, it runs every 30 minutes.
  3. Planernaya. You can take bus 817 or 948.

Below, we will describe the scheme of travel to Sheremetyevo, terminal D by car.

How to get by car?

Go to Terminal D from two sides: from Moscow and from the north. The route to the Sheremetyevo terminal from Moscow is very simple. You need to turn to the Leningrad Highway. The traffic here is 4 kilometers. Then you must travel 1.5 kilometers along the airport fence. After that you must leave to the parking complex. Below is a photo of the parking scheme in Sheremetyevo, terminal D.

Sheremetyevo Terminal d parking scheme

If you are coming from the north, then you are the first thingyou will see terminals B and C. If you need terminal D, then simply follow the signs. In fact, we strongly do not recommend riding on your car. If you decide to go by car, then you need to know in advance about the traffic situation and parking.

Parking space

If you still decided to go to the airport oncar, we advise you to think about parking in advance. If you are going to leave your car for a long time, then you need to contact the information desk at the airport. They will tell you where and for how much you can leave your car. The price for such a service fluctuates around 300-400 rubles.


Sheremetyevo Airport is also accessible bytrain. In just 40 minutes you can get there from Belorussky railway station. The ticket costs 500 rubles. Perhaps, aeroexpress is the only way that allows you to arrive at the airport in advance.


Perhaps this is the most extreme way to travelto Sheremetyevo. The cost of such a trip is in the limit of 30 thousand rubles. But in just 10 minutes you can fly to the airport from Crocus. During the flight you can watch the bustle of the big city from above.

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