Lake Urgun (Bashkiria): description, features, photo


Lake Urgun is one of the largest lakes in Bashkortostan. It is located in the foothills of the eastern part of the Ural range. It is one of the nine famous Uchalinsky lakes.

The whole group of reservoirs has a tectonicorigin, formed in the Transural trough. The shape is oblong, elongated from the south to the north for 4 km. The maximum width is almost 3 km. The total area of ​​Lake Urgun is 12 km ², the catchment area is 27.6 km ². Depth varies in the north and south. The average in the northern part of the reservoir is 5-7 m, in the southern part 3-4 m. The maximum depth is 8 m. The lake feeds on the waters of the Urals, which get into it through the Miass swamp.

Lake Urgun

Name and coverage of the bottom

The etymology of the word is of Mongol origin, in translation means "broad". The lake has the second local name Muldashevo.

Lake Urgun is quite interesting.Its bottom is composed of ancient bottom freshwater sediments - sapropels. They were formed from dead vegetation, remnants of microorganisms, plankton and humus. All together the deposits form a therapeutic mud, which is recommended for the treatment of joint diseases. The layer of therapeutic mud at the bottom of the lake reaches 2.5 m.


The shores of the lake are flat, flat, overgrowngrassy vegetation. Not often there are areas of deciduous and coniferous forests, birch groves. The northern shore is swampy and overgrown with reeds. Also from this part of the lake bottom is abundantly covered with algae. In the middle of Urgun there is a small rocky island, the banks of which are overgrown with reeds.

Lake of the Urals of Bashkortostan

Climatic conditions

The climate of the region is moderately continental.In the west, the region is covered by the Ural Mountains, which prevent the passage of cold air masses from the Atlantic. At the same time, in the north and east, the steppe area passes cold winds from the Arctic. The region belongs to the West Siberian climatic region.

Vegetation and fauna

The plant and animal life of the region is very rich andvarious. In order to preserve rare species of plants and also to increase the population of some species of animals, in 1965 it was decided to create the Urgun Nature Monument on the territory of the lake and the surrounding area. In addition to the reservoir, the reserve includes the boron of the same name.

The main object of the region's protection is Lake Urgun itself,which has important economic, scientific and ecological significance for the region. Also under protection is the typical and rare vegetation of the reserve, especially the gene pool of forests.

On the territory of the reserve there are rare speciesanimals and grow unique plants listed in the Red Book (from animals - turpan, black-throated loon, from plants - min. Gelma, neotitanta, gorichvet spring). The total area of ​​the Urgun Nature Monument is 3300 hectares.

Lake Urgun freshwater, rich in fishindustrial value (bream, pike perch, perch, ruff, rudd, burbot and roach), crayfish are also found. Ducks and seagulls settle on the lake. Fishing here is popular all year round. Fish is caught both from the shore, and sailing by boat to the middle of the lake.

Water in Lake Urgun also has medicinal properties, refers to the hydrocarbonate-calcium type.

Lake Urgun Bashkiria Photo


Near the eastern shores of the lake is a largetourist complex "Urgun". It includes several recreation centers and a children's health camp. The recreation center operates throughout the year:

  • In the summer, there are cycling and walking tours, relaxing on the shores of the lake, horseback riding, quadracycles, hiking;
  • In winter there is an opportunity to ride on snowmobiles, skates and sleighs.

In addition, on the basis of the tourist complex specializeon treatment with curative mud and climatotherapy, which is why the Lake Urgun is so popular. Reviews about it are only positive. In the stories, visitors celebrate the wonderful climate, water temperature and amazing landscapes.

How to get there?

In the western part of the lake there is the village of Muldashevo, and in the south - Uchaly - the regional center of the region.

Lake Urgun (Bashkiria) is the place whereit's quite easy to get there: there are available routes on three sides. The most popular road goes through the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, through the city of Ufa. From the latter it is necessary to get to Beloretsk, and from there to Uchaly. The distance from Ufa to the lake is 370 km, from Chelyabinsk to the reservoir - 200 km. Passing this stretch of road, along the way you can visit several interesting natural objects: Basuzhskaya and Kulmasovskaya caves, rock Arsk stone, Beloretsk cedar forest and other lakes of the Uchal group.

Also on the territory of Uchalinsky district is a railway in the direction of Miass-Uchaly-Mezhozerny.

Lake Urgun Reviews


Anyone will be attracted to his territory by Lake Urgun(Bashkiria). Photos of these wonderful places can be seen in the article. Is there really such a terrific nature on Earth? Here you can gloriously relax: birds, the sound of water, a company of friends - all this will make the holiday unforgettable. Climatic conditions only please the guests.

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