Tips for travelers: how much to fly from Novosibirsk to Moscow?


In recent years, the popularity of domesticair travel. The reason for this is the need to quickly move from one region to another. After all, in most cases, getting by train is much longer than on an airplane. The most popular are flights to Moscow, including from Novosibirsk. How many flights from Novosibirsk to Moscow? Which air carriers make flights on this route? How much do air tickets cost?

Brief information about the airports of departure and destination

Flights from Novosibirsk to Moscow depart fromTolmachevo airport. Among domestic air transport nodes, it confidently occupies the 6th place in terms of passenger traffic volumes. Two Russian carriers are based in Tolmachevo - Siberia (S7) and NordStar. It serves not only domestic, but also international flights. Airliners making regular flights in the direction of Novosibirsk - Moscow, arrive at three airports - Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo.

how much to fly from Novosibirsk to Moscow

Moscow - Novosibirsk: which airline tickets can be purchased

Distance between these settlementsis about 3.3 thousand kilometers, so it would be more appropriate to use the services of one of the Russian airlines. Flights between Novosibirsk and Moscow are regularly performed by the following carriers:

  • in Domodedovo - S7, Alrosa, VIM-Avia, Globus (a subsidiary of Siberia Airlines), Ural Airlines;
  • in Sheremetyevo - "Aeroflot", "Orenburg Airlines";
  • in Vnukovo - "UTair".

How much to fly from Novosibirsk to Moscow by direct flight?

Since the distance between these populationspoints is more than 3 thousand kilometers, the total flight time will be approximately 4 hours. How many flights from Novosibirsk to Moscow? It depends on the airline, the declared arrival airport, the weather conditions and the type of aircraft. For example, if you use the services of the airline "UTair" or "Aeroflot", the flight time will take no more than 4 hours and 20 minutes. The S7 operates a flight in 4.5 hours.

moscow novosibirsk airtickets

Flights with transfers

To buy tickets for the plane "Novosibirsk -Moscow ", performing a direct flight, is not always possible. Therefore, some passengers choose a route with transplants. The main interchange points are the airports of Russian cities: Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Surgut. Sometimes there are flights with transfer at the airport of Astana. At the same time, the total flight time increases to 6-7 hours. It is also worth taking into account the time spent at the interchange point while waiting for the flight to Moscow.

Cost of air tickets

As a rule, the cost of a plane ticket,carrying out the flight Novosibirsk - Moscow, starts from 7 thousand rubles. At the same time, airfares are reduced usually in February, March and May, when there is a decline in passenger traffic. In addition, for flights performed at night or in the early morning, some airlines provide discounts. Cheaper also will cost a single ticket, valid for two flight segments. Tickets for flights with transfers are more expensive, as a rule.

plane moscow

Distance between Moscow and Novosibirskis more than 3 thousand kilometers. If you need to get to Moscow from Novosibirsk, it will be more expedient to fly by plane than to go by train. How many flights from Novosibirsk to Moscow? The average duration of air travel is approximately 4 hours. However, it may increase depending on the weather conditions, such as an airliner, the presence of transplants along the route. Flights are made from Novosibirsk Tolmachevo to three Moscow airports. At the same time, most flights are made to Domodedovo airport.

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