How many flights to Moscow from Novosibirsk? Or go?


Distance from Novosibirsk to Moscow along the routeis 3388 kilometers, and in a straight line - 2,811 kilometers. Overcome such a distance - it's not a joke. The question of how much to fly to Moscow from Novosibirsk, in this situation is very relevant.

How long to fly

Most people who travel voluntarily orThis route is chosen by the aircraft. How to fly to Moscow from Novosibirsk - a simple matter. It is worth looking at any ticket search site and it will immediately become clear that the journey time is only four hours.

Many try to investigate the problem, how manyfly to Moscow from Novosibirsk with transfers to save money. In general, the journey time is extended by 2-3 hours, that is, the costs will be from 6 to 8 hours. By the way, you can see that the savings compared to direct flights are small. So it's better to try to catch tickets for a plane in a low price period, because the difference can be more than twice.

Aircraft in this direction fly often, perform an average of 10 flights per day. So the question of how much to fly to Moscow from Novosibirsk and whether to fly is usually solved very quickly.

The planes depart from the Novosibirsk airport Tolmachevo, land in Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo. From the same air harbors they fly out in the opposite direction.

The flight time to Moscow from Novosibirsk will fly byunnoticed. After all, on the way you are expected to eat food, distribute drinks. If you interleave these pleasures by reading the press or a book taken to the road, you will not have time to look back, as the landing will be announced.

how much to fly to Moscow from Novosibirsk

How much to travel by train

The train to Novosibirsk runs from 45 to 54 hours. Therefore, the choice usually remains for the aircraft, although there are fans of movement closer to the ground. After all, you can make a trip around the country, watching life in cities and villages along the way, admiring the natural scenery.

time to Moscow from Novosibirsk


It is easy to calculate that the journey by trainat least one day longer in one direction. On the way back and forth, you can save 2-3 days. This is taking into account the travel to the airport and the flight's expectations.

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