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Rest with children requires careful preparation and notless careful choice of the country where to fly. And more often for a family trip, many choose Montenegro. In the opinion of the parents, all conditions have been created for the holiday to be successful. Montenegro hotels for families with children - these are thoughtful and carefully arranged rooms with a high level of comfort. Almost every hotel contains both playgrounds, and game rooms, offering animation programs. In such a place your children will definitely like it!

What good is Montenegro?

hotels in Montenegro for holidays with children

3-star hotels in this country are most popular,because they have the opportunity to find a budget option. But first, let's talk not about hotels, but about why Russian tourists prefer Montenegrin resorts. First, because of the excellent climatic conditions. It has a mild and humid climate. Secondly, because of the ecological purity of nature. It is the unique ecology that is the reason that pregnant women come here to endure the child in decent and favorable conditions. Third, the nature of the country is very beautiful. Fourthly, it is very quiet in terms of the political situation. And fifth, Montenegro hotels for recreation with children have well-equipped long beaches that are equipped with all necessary equipment and are always kept clean.

Which hotel to choose?

Montenegro hotels with 4 stars

Comfortable rest depends on how muchcarefully selected hotel. Most hotels in Montenegro have recently been opened or have been renovated. Accordingly, here you are waited by unique conditions for rest in clean and cozy rooms. It is best to choose hotels in Montenegro 5 stars, which are focused on family holidays and offer a full range of services.

For example, the "all inclusive" system worksHotel Splendid Conference & SPA Beach Resort in Becici. The unique location directly on the beach and the modernity of this hotel attract many tourists here, despite the fact that the cost of the tour is rather large. It emphasizes the development of active beach holidays, so the hotel can hold a wedding, a honeymoon or organize a holiday. The hotel has its own beach, there are tennis courts, saunas, baths, beauty and spa salons. Do not forget to pay attention to children - for them works animation and a game room. In addition, children can be left in a mini-club or with a nanny (for an additional fee).

Popular resorts

hotels in montenegro

The most popular hotels in Montenegro for holidays withchildren are located in such resorts as Budva, Ulcinj, Herceg Novi, Becici, Tivat. If you are striving to spend a vacation in a well-organized hotel with a high level of service, you should choose hotels Kotor, Tivat or Risan. If you like quiet towns with their color, then you will like more in Dobrota, Biele, Perast or Zelenika. With the kids it's best to rest on the Adriatic - here the cleanest beaches, for example in Becici or Sutomore. Choosing a hotel, proceed from several factors:

1. Age of the child.

2. His personal preferences.

If the children are big, they will like the developed infrastructure, for example, the presence of a swimming pool or water park near the hotel. In such hotels interesting entertainments for children are organized.

Herceg Novi and Budva: modern and interesting

5 star hotel Montenegro

If you are looking for a combination of beautiful nature andquality service, then your option is definitely Montenegro. 4-star hotels, for example, are located in cities such as Herceg Novi or Budva. So, an inexpensive, but quality family vacation is offered at the Riviera Resort Hotel (Venera) 4 * in Herceg Novi. A successful location on the shore of Kotor Bay makes this hotel one of the favorite with Russian tourists. The reviews of many Russians say that the hotel is perfectly located, the sea is very close, so even with babies it is very easy to get to. Food is also praised, and on vacation with children this factor plays a huge role!

Hotel Poznanovic 4 *: beautiful nature around

For those who seek modernity and aristocracy, thishotel is suitable as well as possible. Everything is thought out here: there are tennis courts, walking alleys, a private beach - all this makes resorts of countries such as Montenegro popular. 4-star hotels (for example, Poznanovic) are apartments, arranged in the lavender, rosemary and pine-trees, and a combination of their wonderful aromas can be felt even from the balcony of the room. The open sea is also close to the hotel. In the hotel you will be offered rest in the indoor pool or sauna. There is a fitness club, a bowling alley, a night club, many sports entertainments. There is also everything for children's rest: here you will find a highchair for feeding, and a stroller, and also organize unforgettable adventures for kids.

Petrovac: quiet rest for the family

Montenegro 3 star hotel

Quiet rest in an ecologically safe areaoffers a small town Petrovac. And "quiet" does not mean at all that you will be bored here, because this is Montenegro. Hotels 3 stars, for example, are located near the city center, so at any time you can take a bus and go on a trip. In Petrovac, a huge number of cultural and historical monuments, which are worth a visit. At the same time, your holiday will be modern and civilized.

Children in Petrovac will like it, because hereclean beaches with shallow pebbles, which are equipped with everything necessary. That is why most families come here. The town is constantly developing, becoming a popular tourist center. In addition, only here you will be pampered with delicious pastries and dainties in the form of ice cream or fruit salad, which will be appreciated by adults and children alike.

There are such hotels in Montenegro forrecreation with children like Riviera 4 *. A successful location - in a pine forest - is very useful for children. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, mini-bar, direct dial telephone, there is a round-the-clock service. The peculiarity of this hotel is the availability of a large number of restaurants, where you will enjoy dishes of various cuisines around the world, as well as themed parties with live music. There is a swimming pool for children, there are sports grounds.

Chan: small but beautiful

rest in Montenegro hotels

Many are interested in relaxing in Montenegro. Hotels in the town of Chan have beautiful and clean beaches, sandy or slightly rocky. Tourists like the city center here, but children can not simply be pulled out of clear water, because even the smallest fish can be seen in it. In view of the fact that the town is quite small, it is very quiet and comfortable here, and many couples and chaps appreciate it. The combination of peace and comfort with ecological cleanliness of the region is the main advantages of a holiday in the city of Chan. By the way, it is quite budgetary here, which is also appreciated by many tourists from Russia. For example, if hotels in Montenegro 5 stars offer an average vacation of 5,000 rubles per day, then in Chang you can find a room for 500-1000 rubles. per day.

For example, hotel Vila Branka 3 * offersbudget family rooms, which are equipped with everything you need. It is located in an ecologically clean region, the beach is clean and well maintained, children are provided with a playground. Equally inexpensive is the price at the Apartment Plaža 3 *. It is located very well, in the bosom of nature. Here you will be offered a varied menu, including a diet menu.

Hotels with beach

hotels with swimming pool in Montenegro

Montenegro as a tourist country does everythingpossible that its guests were as comfortable and cozy as possible. For example, the Avala 3 * hotel offers to spend time in the historical part of Budva directly on the beach. Here all conditions for a full active rest are created, at the same time the hotel is surrounded by beaches with pebbles and sand with a total length of 350 m. It is here that the most beautiful and clean beaches of the country are located.

Slovenska Plaza 3 * is a whole touristthe complex is again in Budva, located 50 m from the beach. This is a village consisting of 11 buildings, which are connected by a street. On the waterfront there are many entertainments, shops and restaurants, and the hotel itself pays much attention to children's recreation.

If you are planning a vacation in the best hotelsMontenegro, pay attention to the proposals of Aman Sveti Stefan 5 *. This is an exclusive country hotel, which has its own beach with pink sand two kilometers long. A lot of good reviews and about the Adriatic Apartment 3 *: 100 meters from it there is its own sand and pebble beach, which is never empty. All these hotels with developed infrastructure are located in such a hospitable country as Montenegro. Hotels for children here are not uncommon, because almost the entire hotel base is focused on a quiet and full-fledged family vacation.


Montenegro hotels for children

Summer vacation in Montenegro is an opportunityto please yourself and your children with chic nature and a bright pastime. Whichever hotel you choose, you can be sure: it's always well served everywhere, despite the number of stars.

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