Turtle Lake (Tbilisi): geography, climate, recreation, how to get there


Столица государства, где находится уникальная a natural sight Turtle Lake - Tbilisi. The pond in the vicinity of this megalopolis is a great place for rest, holiday, family walk and just meeting friends in nature. A fairy forest stretches around it, saturated with pure mountain air. Transparent water and fascinating sounds of nature - this is exactly what the inhabitants of a million city dream of, tired of the noise of cars, public transport and fast pace of life.

turtle lake tbilisi

Geographical position

Amazing natural reservoir - Turtle Lake in Tbilisi (Georgia) - locatedalong the banks of the Caucasian river Kura. There is a lake 3 km from the Georgian capital at an altitude of 685 m above sea level. Occupies an area of ​​34 thousand square meters. on the northern slopes of the Caucasus. The geographic object can not compete with its depth in the same record-it is only about 2.5 m.

However, the population of the country takes careunique sights, appreciates its historical past. And the views from the surrounding area, where the Turtle Lake, on Tbilisi and the slopes of the Trialeti Range are simply bewitching with beauty, captivated by the aroma of greenery, needles and freshness. The toponym Kus Tba (the second name of the site) is closely connected with the reptiles' representatives: it was the large number of turtles living in the lake that gave him that name.

The successful location of the reservoir causes a largepopularity among the youth and guests of the capital. Excellent infrastructure, good service on the coast significantly increase the tourist flows of the guests of the country.

Climatic features

The city where "Cherpashka" is located (so the lakecalls local youth), has subtropical climate indicators. Precipitation falls slightly, about 400 mm, but the amplitude of the minimum and maximum temperatures is high - up to 46 degrees. Turtle Lake, Tbilisi and all of Georgia are plunged into a dry and hot summer, a short but very warm spring and a comfortable mild winter. Temperature indicators of water reach +18 degrees in summer, mountain streams cool water in the lake, making it cool, invigorating and wellness.

turtle lake tbilisi how to get to

We are going to rest on Kus Tb

The road to the pond passes through the green parkzone where there are many boxwood, rhododendron, pines and other coniferous bushes, filling the air with the aromas of freshness and phytoncides. If you plan to see the Turtle Lake (Tbilisi) in the list of places you visit in Georgia, how do you get to it? This advice will help experienced tourists, guides and ordinary fellow travelers. After all, attention to the guests in this country is the greatest and most respectful. From the capital and its environs, you can get to the lake only by private transport or by using the services of a taxi service.

turtle lake tbilisi photo

An unforgettable experience will leavetravelers rest in colorful and characteristic Georgia. A Turtle Lake (Tbilisi), photo of which must necessarily be made for memory, gives the impression of a mysterious reservoir in the suburbs of the Georgian metropolis. Capture the object from the height of the observation platform, swim in its mystical waters and sunbathe on pebble beaches - this is something that can be done by resting here.

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