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This place is just a brilliant creationnature. It can be called one of the wonders of the world, striking in its grandeur and beauty. You can get to the cave only by a narrow path or by a meandering dirt road, through which only off-road cars pass.

Cave Swallow Mexico

This place is the Swallow's Cave.Mexico in general is famous for its caves, but this remarkable abode of pristine nature, accidentally discovered by base jumper and cave explorers, attracts the attention not only of scientists, but also sports extremals and tourists from all over the world.

Extremals in the Swallow's Cave

Cave of Swallows, photo of which from the height of the bird's eyeThe flight is a huge hole in the thickets of tropical vegetation, in fact a very dangerous place. Its depth varies between 333-376 meters. The entrance to it, as well as its bottom are inclined, there are many narrow passages to deep, yet unexplored levels.

The Swallow's Cave in its height is commensurable withthe most famous New York skyscraper, although visually it seems much smaller than in reality. Its shape is a truncated cone, smoothly expanding to the bottom up to 160 meters. It is very difficult to get down into the cave and get out of it. This is truly a test even for the most experienced athletes.

Its beautiful name Swallow Cave is obligedcolonies of birds that once inhabit here. At one time it was home to several million birds, but later their numbers declined significantly, and today this place is inhabited mainly by swifts and Mexican parrots, which are attracted by a calm and quiet environment.

Cave Swallow Photo

To ensure that tourists do not break this peace, localthe authorities issued a decree allowing only four hours a day to visit the cave, when the feathered leave it for food. Since crowds of fans of extreme descents come here, this decision protects not only the interests of birds, but also parachutists, which thus avoid collisions with flocks of birds during flight. Every day, huge flocks fly out of the depths of the cave, swiftly rising straight into the sky, and with the onset of darkness they return back, literally falling directly inside. This is simply an indescribable sight, when flocks of birds in a free fall rush straight into the abyss, stopping only at their nests!

Cave of the Swallow

In the depth of this karst cave enoughit is cold, so vegetation is observed only in its upper part. After rains, which in the central part of Mexico - not uncommon, streams with waterfalls, cascading downwards, are formed. The cave of Swallows on the bottom is covered with a thick layer of fallen stones and bird droppings, here, according to eyewitnesses, full of snakes, insects and scorpions.

For many kilometers, the Swallow's Cave is surrounded by a dense tropical forest, in which oaks and ficuses, strawberry trees, grow. In the forest you can often find tapirs and monkeys.

Being a unique ecosystem, CaveSwallow is known to man for a very long time, but over the last ten years it has become literally a kind of mecca - a place of pilgrimage for explorers, speleologists, and extremals. And so the surrounding villages, previously engaged only in agriculture, today have a highly developed infrastructure for tourism.

The Cave of the Swallows so much attracted James Cameron that it was here that he shot a lot of footage of his film "Sanctum".

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