Sredneuralsky women's monastery is the abode of miracles


Sredneuralsky women's monastery built inthe honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Sporite of loaves", relatively young, to him only about twenty years. The history of this icon is closely connected with Ambrose - Optina Elder. The Mother of God is depicted on it sitting in the clouds, beneath it - a compressed field with grass, flowers and sheaves of wheat. This field is written according to the appointment of the elder Ambrose - he wanted to show that the Mother of God is a great helper of people in their labors.

Sredneuralsky female monastery

History of creation

The plot of land on which at the momentthe Sredneuralsk women's monastery is located, used to be called the "German Farm" - in the war there was a camp for prisoners of war at this place. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the land was transferred to the use of the monastery. He formed his own farmstead, actively built and developed - residential buildings, temples and livestock complexes were erected. The first divine liturgy was heard in the wooden church in 2002. The very same consecration of the church and the convent in a solemn atmosphere took place two years later, on September 17.

By 2011, on the once deserted territory,proudly towered Sredneuralskiy nunnery with four temples, a cell house in four floors, where there is a school for children and workshops with stone court buildings. The dairy shop, the garden and its subsidiary farm were functioning and growing. By that time, more than three hundred prayer-books already lived in the monastery, and the Spirit of God was clearly felt in this glorious place.

Middle Urals women's monastery address

Monastery today

Sredneuralskiy nunnery, termswhose construction is simply staggering, is a unique example in the whole church history. At the moment, it has two churches: one in honor of the icon "Kazan Mother of God", and the second - in honor of the icon "Sporite of loaves." There is also a house church of the "Intercession of the Holy Mother of God". The construction of the Holy Trinity Church continues. In the future, he will have an underground church in honor of the Royal Passion-Bearers.


Sredneuralsky women's monastery (address - citySredneuralsk, that in the Sverdlovsk region, travel North, house 15) is located near the city of Yekaterinburg, only twenty kilometers along the Nizhny Tagil highway.

Middle Urals women's monastery how to get

Many Orthodox heard about the numerous miracles taking place within the walls of this monastery, as well as about the wonderful people living there. Believers sincerely want to join the unique holy places.

Sredneuralsk women's monastery: how to get

Many temples of the city of Yekaterinburg organizepilgrimage to this monastery, you only need to inquire about the date and conditions of the trip. For example, the excursion and pilgrimage service of the Nizhny Tagil and Serov dioceses regularly tours to holy places, including the women's Sredneuralsky monastery, created in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Sporite of loaves".

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