As a man thinks, or Why beauty does not guarantee happiness

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Feminists can take as many rallies as possiblethe equality of the sexes, but the fact remains: between a man and a woman a big difference. And it is not even in the physiological difference, but at the level of consciousness. A woman will never think like a man thinks, and vice versa. In essence, this is the whole charm of the universe. Mother Nature took care of this, so is it worth it to contradict? The matter here is in the interrelations between the hemispheres of the brain. The representatives of the weaker sex have more connections between them, they are able to process a lot of information at the same time, but a stronger gender "in response" makes it easier to establish logical connections, more quickly isolates the main thing, not exchanging small things.

as a man thinks

To know how a man thinks, a woman needs to,so as not to make scandals over trifles. One must understand that he is incapable of understanding some things, not because he is so callous, indifferent, etc., but because he has a different perception of the world. A classic example: scattered socks, dishes on the table, the inability to find the right thing in the closet. Humble, this is one hundred percent physiology. Things are scattered because he "marks the territory", for him it means: "I am the master here". For the same reason, dishes are not washed, this is not the tsar's business. And find the right thing in the closet can not because a large number of parts immediately knocked him out of the rut, but he lost them.

think like a man
It is also useful to know what and how a man thinksabout women. This is necessary in order to see the difference between how the ladies imagine themselves and how their cavaliers treat it. All women tend to meet a certain standard of beauty that exists at the moment in society. Following the fashion and going on a lot of sacrifices, the weak sex naively believes that this will smash the representatives of the stronger sex. But the funny thing is that most of the manipulations of a man just do not notice. Think like a man, then you'll see how badly mistaken. They perceive the whole image. And if a woman likes, or he is in love with her, he does not care what she is wearing, what her hair is. It turns out that ladies spend time and money not for men, but for themselves, to increase their self-esteem, which, incidentally, is very important, but without fanaticism, please.

Opinion about beauty is also not unique. At the moment, we can say one thing - the standard appearance of secular lionesses is already boring. Since the laws of macroeconomics are also in force here: a large volume of proposals always lowers the cost of the commodity itself. Moreover, today's beauty is no longer a gift of nature, but a surgeon's and cosmetologist's skills and the amount of capital investment. How does a man think in this case? "They are all the same!" And she appreciates the woman not as a person, but as a free supplement to the "Mercedes" or expensive watches. It's a big mistake to think that money can replace feelings. Many girls at the same time forget that the external gloss and prosperity will never give a sense of happiness. And sooner or later the emptiness inside will make itself felt. Whatever one may say, nature can not deceive fate either. You have to pay for everything.

Think like a man act like

Advice: think like a man, act like a woman.You can make a dizzying career, find and ohmurit "daddy", come up with and implement a lot of ingenious moves and enjoy your superiority. And you can just be yourself, have a loved one, have a family and be happy. The choice is always there.

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