Psychological tricks: how to subdue a man?

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Only it seems that the relationship of the sexes is based onequality and partnership. So it can only be in theory. In real life, we all manipulate each other to some extent. Therefore, there are questions about how to subjugate a man, how to manage another person.

how to subdue a man
We all heard stories about howUnattractive woman, not differing neither beauty, nor mind, is able to conquer the heart of any knight. From the outside it always seems that there is some kind of dirty trick. "Well, what did they find in it?" - complain neighbors and colleagues. Or maybe she just knows how to subjugate a man, and knows how to use his talents not only in bed?

In the old days it was believed that "the husband is the head". The wife, so the neck, wherever she wants, there and turn. In this truth lies the main secret of how to subordinate a man to himself. It is necessary to let him feel the main, "head." The one and only, for which you are in the fire, and in the water. Is the maxim about "the way to the heart through the stomach" correct? Not for everyone and not always. In the event that you know how to cook your favorite dishes, if you correctly use aphrodisiac products, it is suitable. But remember a lot of stories about how husbands abandon their economic and excellent cooking wives for the sake of others ... For what? In fact, it turns out that for the sake of those with whom they are good not only at dinner or in bed. An important moment for those who want to know how to subdue a man: let him feel freedom of expression. Listen and listen again. Say yes, do not criticize. Even telling you about feelings for the other, he involuntarily becomes dependent on you: no one like you understands him.

how to subordinate a man to himself

Create and maintain an atmosphere of trust. Let him do what he does not allow at home. For example, throwing socks around the room or smoking in the living room. If you immediately use an orderly tone or pick on trifles, your goal - the answer to the question of how to subjugate a man - you will not get. But then, when he realizes that you really support him, you can start cautiously to seek and their interests. Again convincing him in passing that, in addition to him, no one can help you. Do not make any demands. Try to have all your desires expressed in the form of a request, or even better - a mild regret: "Oh, how nice it would be ..."

relationship between man and woman
If the relationship between a man and a woman is basedon respect and affection, he will certainly want to fulfill your whim. And if he feels like a knight on a white horse, his ego just will not allow him not to give you a kingly gift.

The secret of how to subdue a man,is quite simple. Give him confirmation of its importance, its uniqueness. This, in general, acts against any person. There is only one "but": even if you frankly flatter him, never let him feel your insincerity. Try and believe in all the virtues that you praise. The rest does not really matter. One has to make one more caveat: never inspire a man that you "do not matter." Among them, there are few psychologists ready to raise your self-esteem. Most likely, your partner will believe you and look for one that will have a better opinion of yourself.

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