How painless to experience the parting with a loved one

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Can not imagine how to survive the parting withloved one? This is especially difficult if you have lived side by side for many years. Parting after a year of living together is also difficult, but it's not the same as being abandoned after 15 years of marriage. Life is well established, children are growing up, and against the background of this the family is collapsing. Especially frightening, when one of the partners is satisfied, and he does not want to give a divorce. What to do in this case, how to survive the betrayal and how not to lose yourself, read below.

Understand why it all happened

how to survive parting with a loved one

Before you understand how to survive the parting withloved one, you need to calm down and think. Why did it all happen? Was everything okay with you? And why was not happy with the partner? Perhaps, the love has cooled down, but there is no romance in the relationship. But you do not need it. You left your head in your problems, in raising children, and spend all your free time with your parents. Well, is this way of life can appeal to everyone? The partner also needs love, and does not want to be abandoned.

Never an investigation happens without a reason.Therefore, before taking any steps it is necessary to understand why the ship crashed. Otherwise it will be impossible to eliminate the leak. If you do not understand yourself, it will be difficult for you to build new relationships and restore confidence in the opposite sex. If you can not understand why you were abandoned, although you spent a week to resolve this issue, ask for advice from your friends or friends. From the side it is more visible. Let them tell you how they saw your relationship. Perhaps you will learn a lot of new things.

How to overcome the gap, which occurred not on its own initiative

how to survive the parting with your beloved person

People feel worse when they are abandoned.And this is even if the relationship has already dried up and both partners understand that parting is the only way out. If you are thrown, there is a residue on your soul. You think that you could still save past feelings and ignite love.

How to survive the parting with your loved one?If you are abandoned, you need to understand that intimacy with your ex is no longer possible. Why? Because no sane person can not forgive betrayal. If you are abandoned, you have forgiven and agreed, your partner will not have a problem throwing you again. After all, he already has experience in this matter, and knows that you are a kind hearted person. Yes, it's hard to believe that your love was fragile. But nothing can be done about it. To glue the glass does not make sense. You should move on with your head held high.

How to bridge the gap, if you were the initiator

How easier it is to survive parting with a loved one

Even if the point in the relationship is setown hand, it can be difficult to understand that they are finished. Everything does not crumble overnight. In any case, a person will be morally prepared for parting. Well, at least, that person who can observe and think.

How to survive the parting with your loved one?If the initiative came from you, then there was a reason for that. That's it and do not forget. Perhaps in a week, you will regret the decision and want to return. But this can not be done. Have pride and do not play with other people's feelings. You abandoned your partner reasonably, and do not blame yourself for it. Feelings of guilt are a bad comrade. If you can not keep the reasons for the gap in your head, write them down on the sheet. And every time you want to return a novel, even in memories, go to the list and read the paragraphs.

How women are going through

how painless to survive parting with a loved one

Girls are more sensitive creatures than men.And mental anguish, as a result, they are tormented more. Women resort to this method: they collect all the girlfriends and begin to tell them which men are heartless. And all the gathered begin to echo a frustrated lady that it is so, and you can not rely on a strong sex. After such support, the woman becomes easier. She understands that she is not alone in this world. After this ritual, a woman becomes depressed. It seems to her that the best part of life is already behind, that her true love is lost. A period of self-flagellation begins, and good memories with a kaleidoscope fly before your eyes.

How to survive the pain of parting with a loved one? After the two main stages of parting are passed, the woman decides to change her image and start a new life. This is a very good idea. The girl goes to the hairdresser's, then to the shopping, and then takes the girlfriends and goes to a club or restaurant to flirt with men and raise her self-esteem.

How do men

The strong sex does not show its emotions. Men are restrained and, perhaps, it is from this that they often suffer from nervous disorders. Guys do not pronounce themselves to friends and acquaintances. They keep the pain and resentment in themselves, trying to push it into the far corner of their soul and there to close it. To drown out the loss, the man tries to replace his beloved girl with the first, successfully tucked. But such novels can only do much harm. After all, a man will not feel deep feelings, but only feel moral satisfaction from what can fall in love with pretty women.

How to survive the parting with a loved onea man? The best solution is to turn your attention to other areas of life. If the floor collapses under your feet, you should go to a flat and firm surface. If you have a stable job, loyal friends and family support you, parting will be easy to endure. Just switch to caring for parents, think about working projects or take a trip. Distract and relax, it helps restore strength and regain a positive attitude.

What do psychologists think

how to survive the pain of parting with a loved one

How easier it is to survive parting with your loved oneman? Experts are sure that after the parting in any case there is a sediment. And do not be shy about it. But you should not blame yourself. Most girls, after parting, wonder what I did wrong? And it can hit hard on self-esteem. Especially if you look around and look at the marriages of happy friends. Do not think that all is well. People swear, just some can tolerate other people's shortcomings, while others do not. You are a good person and you must understand this. If your partner did not appreciate you, this does not mean that you will not be able to find someone who is interested in you.

What do psychologists think? How to survive the parting with your loved one? This is an occasion to raise your self-esteem and change something in life. But in no case is it worth erasing your former love from memory. Do not delete photos, do not throw things away. It's part of your life. Yes, maybe not the happiest. But when a child corrects a bad evaluation in a diary, he still understands that she has stayed in the journal. Do not be such a child. It should be understood that everyone makes mistakes. Today it will hurt, and tomorrow you will be able to look at the joint pictures from the journey with a smile.

What can not be done

How quickly to survive parting with a loved one

How painless to experience parting with your loved oneman? It is necessary to understand, in order to let go of something, it is necessary to break all ties for the first time. Do not call your former love, do not look for meetings, do not pursue or go to a page on social networks. Do not tug your soul. Let everything settle. Well, is it easier for you if you find out that your ex-lover has a new passion? And if you found out about the new girl, and if she was your friend? Do not call her at all and do not threaten. This will lead to nothing good. Revenge is a feeling that a self-respecting person should not experience.

Do not spread your rupture. You can tell colleagues and friends that you broke up, but try to save your face. Do not say that your ex was cruel. Remember that your lost love is your choice, and it must be respected, even if it was wrong.

What can I do?

psychology how to survive parting with a loved one

How quickly to survive parting with your belovedman? Try not to lose face. No matter how hard you are, do not get depressed. Remember, psychologists say that our outer life is a reflection of the inner essence. And if this statement works in one direction, then in the opposite direction it can also be used. Dress well, go to the hairdresser, beautician and sign up for the gym. So you can quickly overcome depression. You can cry at home in a pillow, but do not forget that life goes on, and time will not wait until you are oklemaytes.

Change the image. Yes, you can not begin life with a new leaf, and it is not worth throwing memories out of it. After all, there are many good people among them. But a new hairstyle or beautiful shoes can lift the mood and improve your well-being.


How to survive the parting with your loved one? Tips can be:

  • Do not start a new novel right after the old one. Let time pass, and passions will subside. Your mind will clear up, and your heart will be open. In this state, you can fall in love again.
  • New hobbies. Do you have a dream? Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to draw or play the guitar. From you, love has gone and has freed a lot of free time. Spend it on yourself. Create, dance, play music, swim or just walk. Do what you enjoy and release the mind.
  • Travel. One of the best ways to forget anything is to go to another country.

New impressions, discoveries and emotions will help to forget past grievances and troubles. You will rest, gain strength, and you will be able to look into the eyes of your former love without resentment and fear.

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