Practical advice: how to fall in love with men in themselves

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In order to facilitate their own lives, peoplecame up with a huge number of rules. Virtually all areas of our lives are strictly regulated. And we know from the childhood, in what sequence our life will pass: school, institute, work, marriage, children, etc. And through all life the love passes through a red thread. And here, too, everything is very clear: boys must seek the love of girls, take care, give flowers, sweets. But sometimes, to kindle the fire of love in a man's heart and unobtrusively inspire him that you are the only one with whom he will be happy all his life, a woman has to go to some tricks. And the fact that men are children, Andrei Makarevich sang in his song. Of course, they can not fall in love with a kilogram of chocolates, but there are rules, under which the success will be guaranteed. So, let's begin.

how to fall in love with men

How to fall in love with men in themselves. Rule No. 1

You walk down the street, and meet ... HE, and youyou understand that it was YOU who waited all your life. The arrow of Cupid hit your heart, but it did not hit it. Oh horror, what to do? You must urgently get his attention, and even more interesting. How? Look at the situation. Turn your leg, throw yourself on your neck, and then say that you have indicated yourself. In general, the course can go all the tricks. Your main task is to continue acquaintance with him. Rule one: you should interest the man. Of course, the example given as an example is slightly exaggerated, it's much easier when you and a man are already familiar. In this case, find out about his hobbies, preferences. If he likes parachuting, then tell him that they also wanted to make an extreme jump for a long time. Maybe he is fond of sculpture, modern art - invite him to go with you to the exhibition. Options may be the sea, the main thing that a man realized that you are soul mates and with you he will be interested.

psychology of the enamored guy

How to fall in love with men in themselves. Rule No. 2

The second rule says that a man needsadmire. Ask his advice, and then praise for the extraordinary thinking, say that without him you would hardly have found the right solution. Admire his mind, talent. The main thing is not to overdo it with compliments, emotions should be sincere. Remember that men really need praise, it is not a sin to take advantage of this weakness.

How to fall in love with men in themselves. Rule No. 3

Let him be a real hero. The man next to you should feel like a defender. Ask him for help. For example, take you home, because it's dark and scary on the street. Save from a ham-neighbor, or, in extreme cases, from a cockroach who has settled in your apartment. Even the repair of the crane may well go down for the feat, the main thing is to present it correctly.

How to fall in love with men. Rule number 4

Do not be intrusive. It is not necessary to call all the time, thus constantly reminding about yourself. Disappear of his life for a few days, and if you are not indifferent to him, he will call you first. Do not tell all about yourself, let some intrigue be preserved, men love to guess women. But do not overdo it too, remember that every woman should have a riddle, a hint and an answer.

psychology of a man in love

Psychology of a guy in love

Well, in the war to win the hearts of men, youadhered to all the rules. Developed the most complicated strategies and maneuvers. How to find out if you won, if he is still silent about his feelings? Maybe the war ended in your defeat? Or maybe your man is too indecisive? What if he still did not admit to himself that he fell in love with you deep down? The psychology of a man in love is such that he begins to do something that is unusual for him. So, a cheerful guy who gives out witty jokes right and left, in the presence of his beloved, can be lost and will not be able to put even two words together. The man in love is very vulnerable, he can be offended by any reckless phrase. If you are interested in a man, he will definitely call or write SMS at least once a day. The man in love is interested in everything that has happened to you in the last 24 hours. He will be worried: did you have lunch today, did you dress warmly, if it was cold outside, how do you feel? And if suddenly ill, then he will certainly come to you with a package of medicines and fruits. Listen to your heart - and it will certainly tell you whether your chosen one loves you or not, even if he does not dare to say this. Be happy!

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