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Many affairs. Many plans. Many worries. Our today's life to the brim is filled with various activities. Someone lives only by satisfying their immediate needs, and this is enough for him. Someone needs a little more than just drinking, eating and decently dressing. The third, in general, all is necessary only the best and the highest quality. But be that as it may, everyone is eager for something and wants to achieve something.

goals and objectives of the work

But do we all get it done? Unfortunately no. And we all have the opportunity to observe other people's disappointments, the collapse of hopes, the dethronement of myths. Yes, and we often have situations where the fact that we are so carefully, like, planned, begins to develop in a completely different direction. And at the output we get a result that does not suit us.

So what is the reason?

Despite the fact that we set goals, objectives,we are looking for ways to solve them, we often do not think about how the goal differs from the task. And this is a very important and significant factor in the planning and implementation of the target. Let's figure this out.

So, what is the difference between the goal and the task

In order for everything to fall into place, first you need to give definitions to these two terms.

The goal from the task

goal - this is what a certain person is striving fora group of people. The final state, the final result, for which all actions are taken to achieve it. As a rule, the goal is always clearly formulated and has a time frame - it can be short-term, medium-term and long-term.

A task - this is each of the ways and actions requiredto achieve the goal. Tasks can be considered as stages in the progress towards the desired result, since their implementation or decision leads to it.

Also it is necessary to note several important points in this issue:

  • In most cases, all problems are solved in the perspective of the nearest time.
  • Even in cases where the goal may be vague, the tasks must be clearly specified.
  • The goal is always stable. The tasks can be changed, in connection with any circumstances.
  • Tasks can and should be tailored to the goal.
  • The main goals and objectives can be directly opposite to each other.

To better understand what the goal is different from the task, several examples should be cited.

1. goal - renovation of the wardrobe.

Tasks: get together, take money, get out of the house, get to the right store, find and choose the necessary clothes, buy, go home.

2. goal - trip on vacation.

Tasks: determine the place of rest, find out the cost,find the necessary finances, plan a trip, buy vouchers, collect things, get to the point of departure, then - to the destination, relax.

3. goal - learn to box.

Tasks: find a suitable section, buy equipment, pay for training, start training.

4. goal - reaching agreement in a conflict situation.

Tasks: skillfully hold a discussion or argument.

5. Or one more illustrative example - the goals and objectives of the work on writing this article.

goal - clearly convey information to the reader.

Tasks: find and study the necessary material, correctly describe it, check and edit it, publish it.

main goals and objectives

Thus, we can say with certainty,that in order to achieve / achieve the goal, we need to competently deliver and perform / solve tasks to achieve the desired result. Moreover, it is obvious that a goal without a task can not be achieved, and the absence of a goal will lead to no accomplishment of any tasks. There is even such a saying: "A ship that does not have a destination, will not sail anywhere."

Anyone who knows the difference between a goal and a task, and can correctly apply this knowledge in practice, achieves much more often and faster than one who does not know or neglects it.

Therefore, setting goals, learn to set and tasks that lead to the desired.

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