How to forget the man of your dreams? Psychologist's advice

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Did not work out...Such a simple phrase, but how much behind it lies resentment, grief, pain, tears! However, life on parting with a loved one does not end. And the first thing you need to do is understand how to forget a man and continue to enjoy life in all its colors. Enough to smear on the cheeks salty tears, start acting right now!

According to leading psychologists of the world, it is first of all necessary to understand the reasons that do not allow you to let go of a person. All of them can be conditionally divided into emotional, cognitive and behavioral.


how to forget a man

Most often people are afraid of pain and start zealouslyto pretend to be strong and bulletproof. However, it is not. If you do not allow the brain "to unload" emotionally in time (cry, mourn, become angry), the period of suffering can be prolonged. Perhaps you still have some grievances and claims to ex-love.

How to forget a man with whom you do not supportcommunication? Do not need to look for reasons for a call or meeting, write a letter and say everything in it. But it is better not to send it to the addressee, and then immediately break or solemnly burn it. Another option is guilt. As they say, in a dispute, both are always to blame. Do not execute yourself for what happened, but draw conclusions about mistakes and do not allow them in future relationships. We all learn.


how to forget your favorite psychologist's advice
Often there is a feeling that the former guy(or husband) was the best. How to forget a man in this situation? Just appreciate everything objectively: once the relationship is over, then something was wrong with them, the partner did not suit you 100%. Maybe you have a feeling that you can never love again? Of course, it is better to avoid new relations at first. However, with time memories and emotions become dull, in your life there will be something new, bright. Often we tie people to their plans for the future, dreams. Make a new list of goals, where the former lover will not figure. For example, if you were going to go to a ski resort in winter, why not go there, but in the company of your best friends?


"Let's remain friends" - a phrase that destroyedset of pairs. Only a few manage to maintain warm, friendly or even sisterly relations with the former. However, there is nothing unattainable. Perhaps you will both be ready for this.

how to forget a guy psychologist's advice

However, at first it is better to change the environment andavoid constant communication. Another mistake of those who are trying to understand how to forget a man is to shut up in himself. The more your life will be saturated with other experiences and events, the faster the depressive period will pass. Having broken off relations, it is not necessary to maintain physical intimacy - these spheres are closely related. You do not have to forbid yourself to remember about a former partner. It is natural. However, to go to extremes is also not worth it: constant fantasies about how well you would be together will not help.

How to forget a loved one?The advice of a psychologist at such a time seems completely nonsense. But you can approach the matter not from the point of view of digging in yourself, but from the position of morality. If a person hurt you, offended, be above it. Forgive and release. This is real art, but if you master it, in the future it will be much easier for you to cope with life's obstacles.

Finally, I would like to wish all girlsages never think about how to forget a guy. The advice of a psychologist and the ability to understand each other will make it possible to maintain a relationship for many years, probably even until old age! But if the next story comes to an end, do not worry: the universe teaches you that when you meet your man, you do not repeat the same mistakes.

Be happy!

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