Rifle "Dragunov" - an ideal example of domestic sniper weapons

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Sniper rifle Dragunov SVD - one of the best domestic inventions inarmament. During the fighting in the territory of Afghanistan and Chechnya, it gained great popularity, its range and high lethal force proved to be very useful in mountainous conditions. Specially trained snipers were present at every task, constantly covering the backs of their comrades.

Its world-famous name was given to the rifle thanks to the designer Dragunov. The created model was adopted by the Soviet Army.


The rifle "Dragoons" in its type refers toself-loading weapons, equipped with a gas automatic system. In terms of its design, it resembles a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The work of automation is also the removal of powder gases. The main difference is the shutter frame, although the shutter itself is very similar in shape. Smoothness of a shot and a charge is provided by two springs, located in the return mechanism of the bolt frame.

The shape of the fighting spring on the impactor isthe same as the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The "Dragoons" rifle is equipped with a slotted flame arrester. Attached to the barrel of the barrel, the cylinder has five longitudinal slits that absorb the energy of the shot, reducing its recoil. In addition, the flame arrester at night allows the sniper to remain unnoticed.

dragoon sniper rifle

The weapon's forehead consists of several overlaysThe trunk, equipped with longitudinal slots, which serve for the constant cooling of this sniper ammunition. The rifle "Dragoons" is equipped with a wooden butt and the same pistol grip. The attachment of the cheek is located on the butt itself and is not independently regulated.

A small difference between modern rifles is that all wooden parts of weapons have long been made of plastic. This increases efficiency and reduces overall weight.

The two-row metal shop hascapacity 10 rounds. Several types of ammunition are used for shooting. Usually, ordinary ones are used, but you can also fire with tracer and armor-piercing incendiary bullets.

The "Dragoons" rifle has an optical sight withfourfold increase. Sighting grids allow shooting at a range of up to 1,300 meters. The light at night is assisted by the illumination of the grid in the sight, the battery is located in the body of the weapon.

sniper rifle

Thus, the "Dragoons" - a sniper rifle,which was created for small sniper units. Therefore, the possibility of using weapons in close combat was included in the requirements for combat by means of fire destruction. A standard bayonet knife was fixed to the rifle.

For all of its lifetime SVDhas established itself as a reliable and high-quality sniper rifle, which served for many years in all the military units of the Soviet Union. However, the world arms race is increasingly complicating the tasks for modern weapons. Minor improvements to the optical sight improved the magnification and accuracy of the shooting.

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