Alexey Seliverstov. Famous sportsman and an enviable groom

Sport and fitness

Famous Russian athlete AlexeySeliverstov (bobsled) leads an active life both in sports and outside it. He clearly knows how to win, because in his account there is not one honorable pedestal and thousands of kilometers of ice track.

Alexey Seliverstov


Seliverstov Alexey Nikolayevich was born in Ufa in1976 year. His parents wanted him to go in for sports. Which exactly - chose himself Alyosha. And he went to track-and-field. The guy reached a candidate for master of sports and began to work on weightlifting, in particular powerlifting. In this sport, Alexey also achieved success in the form of CCM.

Training guy successfully combined with work firefighter in one of the calculations of Ufa. In 2000, Alexey graduated from the Academy of Physical Culture in the Urals.

Once in training, the trainer approached himRustem Faizov and asked if the young man wanted to participate in international competitions. So Alexei Seliverstov came to the bobsled. He was 20 years old at the time.

In 2001, Seliverstov did not only bobsleigh. He was also responsible for physical training in the OMON of Bashkortostan.


In 1995, Alexei already went to Italy as part of the youth team. Two years later, preparations began for the first ever Olympics. Competitions were held in Nagano, and the Russians took 19th place.

At the next Olympics in Salt Lake City teambobsled players improved the result to 16 places. The victory in the form of bronze medals came at the 2003 World Cup. Alexei and his comrades felt the taste of victory, because this was the first pedestal of the team in this sport.

alexey seliberstov bobsled

The main success to Alexey and his team-mates came at the Olympics in Turin. Four led by Alexei Voevoda won silver medals, losing only a fraction of a second to the Germans.

Later, Seliverstov, along with Zubkov andthe team became twice the winner of the world cups in 2005-06. The guys won silver and bronze at the world championships of 2005 and 2008 respectively. Also became winners at the European competitions in 2005.

On the account of the legendary four, there are a lot of pedestals in the national championship and cups of Russia.

Alexey also won in a team of two people. In the 2004 Bob-starts, he and his friend showed the best result. In 2003, they won the third place at the World Championships.

Life outside the track

After the end of his career in big sports AlexeySeliverstov continued his activities. Only now the bobsled changed to hockey. In 2009, Alexey was offered to become a physical training coach in the oil company "Toros". A year later the team did not reach the first place in the championship. And in the next season she became a bronze medalist.

Then Seliverstov received an offer to work with the famous club "Salavat Yulaev". The athlete signed a 3-year contract and prepares a hockey player for important games.

Alexey is not only an athlete, but also a showman. After the triumph in Turin, he was invited to participate in the project "Big Races" as part of a team of stars - Andrey Malakhov, Stas Pyekha, Askold Zapashny, Alisa Grebenshchikova.

About personal

The 41-year-old sportsman is fond ofcollecting mugs. The first of these, Alexei brought from Atlanta. He compares his passion with the conduct of a travel diary - by the names on the circles you can remember where and when he visited. In total, the collection numbers more than 200 copies.

seliverstov alexey nikolaevich

In addition to everything, Alexei Seliverstov isan enviable groom. Famous in Ufa host Zhenya Mashko announced in the Internet casting on the future wife of a famous athlete. According to Alexey himself, his wife must be educated, be able to prepare well and draw his attention. The most important advantage, says "matchmaker" Mashko, is "the girl's ability to bring Alexei before the wedding"!

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