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Alina Ivanova is a track and field athlete known all over the with their achievements in sports. It is the pride of Russia and the entire former USSR. The athlete specializes in athletic walking, as well as marathon running.

Alina Ivanova

short biography

In 1969, on March 16, the futuretrack and field athlete Ivanova Alina. Biography athlete started in a small village called Kildishevo, which was in the Yadrinsky district of the Chuvash Republic. Interest in sports arose in the girl from the very childhood. At first she practiced sports for herself, and then decided to turn her hobby into a professional career. Having made this choice, Alina Ivanova devoted her life entirely to track and field athletics. But the girl also remembered the importance of higher education, therefore she graduated from the Chuvash Pedagogical Institute. Alina's sports coach was Gennady Ivanov, who revealed to her the secrets of track and field athletics. After studying for a year, Alina has already become a famous person in sports circles.

Ivanova Alina

The first sporting successes

In 1994, the International Federation of Lightathletics awarded Ivanov an unusual medal. The athlete has put a shocking record in athletic walking for a distance of 3 km. Competitions were held in the city of Moscow. It was a prestigious international tournament called "Russian Winter". Alina Ivanova overcame a fairly long distance in just 11 minutes and 44 seconds. It was this result that was fixed by the stopwatches. Over the course of three years, the strongest masters of athletic walking tried to beat Alina's record. But all their attempts were unsuccessful. Ivanova was awarded a commemorative award by the president of Chuvashia, Nikolai Fedorov. He admired his countrywoman and her achievements in sports.

At the peak of worldwide fame

A great sport triumph came to Alina in 1991year. At the competitions that took place in Japan, the athlete finished first. She was waiting for a gold medal for the distance traveled 10 kilometers. She was able to overtake her two main rivals for as many as fourteen seconds. It seemed that no one could compete with the athlete on her way to the coveted finish. 42 minutes and 59 seconds - the time for which Alina was passed quite a long distance. Ivanova Alina became the first athlete in Chuvashia, which was able to get gold in this sport. She was subjected to the highest step on the podium. At that time, no one could have thought that in the near future an athlete would expect a sports drama.

Track and field athlete Alina Ivanova

Unexpected turn at the Olympics in Barcelona

In 1992, the Olympic Games inSpain, in Barcelona. It was a landmark and historic event in the world of sports. After all, for the first time in the program of games women's walking was officially included. Track and field athlete Alina Ivanova trained with great zeal. She wanted to win at these important competitions. Many were confident of her victory. But fortune this time turned away from Alina. Arrived in Barcelona, ​​Ivanova was in the best sporting form. She was ready to fight for victory. Together with Ivanova started Elena Nikolaeva, Russian athlete. The first nine kilometers of girls tandem was in the lead. But on the home straight ahead, the Chinese woman suddenly broke out. Ivanova needed to gather all her strength to catch up with her rivals. She manages to finish first. But the judges decided to review the record of the competition to ensure that the athletes comply with all the rules. Alina was shocked by the final result. She was disqualified for violating the rules of athletic walking.

Ivanova Alina Perovna

A real athlete does not break

Despite the disaster that happened in Barcelona, ​​AlinaIvanova did not quit a big sport. Without a doubt, she has an iron character and strong will. The athlete decides to go in for a marathon run. In 1993, her debut took place in London. She finished eighth. After these competitions Ivanova begins to train hard to run next time with the best result. She participated in several more marathons. But the sportswoman has not yet understood the whole subtlety of running for such long distances. Her enthusiasm prevented her from finishing first. Alina's coach tried to moderate her fervor and controlled her training, since Ivanova did not let her body rest.

Ivanova Alina biography

The first victory at the marathon distance

In 1995 there was a marathon run.The newspapers of Pittsburgh (cities in the US) were filled with articles about the upcoming competition. The start was set for the morning, when the street was still quite cool. But in the daytime the temperature rose noticeably. The race passed in terrible conditions of exhausting heat. The first place in this marathon was divided between two athletes: Kenyan Carve and Alina. For her victory, Ivanova Alina received a decent prize.

Outstanding athlete and caring mother

In 1999, Ivanova participated in the internationaltournament, which was held in Sydney. She first ran a marathon distance. Her victory was a convincing bid to participate in the Olympics-2000. But the coaches bet on the proven athletes who returned with nothing. Soon Ivanova Alina Petrovna became a mother. For a year she lived without training, she paid all attention to her child. But a little later she returned to the usual sports loads. In 2003, she was included in the Russian national team. Running half marathon, Alina was able to win the World Cup. After all, this athlete will not stop anything.

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