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In 2014 at the Olympics in Sochi for the Russian teamthere were quite a few athletes who have repeatedly proved their talent in a variety of high-level competitions. Among them was Alexei Yesin. Although the skater did not win prizes, he showed a stubborn struggle. In this article we will tell about this talented sportsman.


Yesin Alexey was born in Kolomna in 1987year. At the moment he has the title of an international master. That is, he is a skater of the highest possible level. In domestic competitions, as a rule, represents the interests of Kolomna or Moscow (CSKA).

In 2009, the athlete performed at the Universiade inHarbin. Yesin showed himself best, becoming the third at a distance of 1500 meters. And a year later at the Russian Championship he won silver at 1000 and 5000 meters. In the team race Alex came first. It was thanks to these victories that he received an invitation to the most prestigious competitions that could be in the life of an athlete.

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In 2010, Yesin Alexei took part in histhe first Olympics. Then he demonstrated not very good results in the arenas of Vancouver. At 1500 meters the athlete took the 21st place. Approximately the same outcome waited for Alexei at 1000 meters. Here he got on the 22nd line. The main cause of such results was trauma and two operations. Yesin just did not have time to recover and get the right shape.


A key role in the achievements of a young manplayed his mentors. Yesin Alexey is engaged in an individual program with two specialists - Valery Muratov and Dmitry Dorofeev. It was under their sensitive leadership in 2006 that the athlete got into the Russian team.

Physical data

The hero of this article, they are optimal for speed skating. The weight of the athlete is 75 kilograms, and the height is 185 centimeters.

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During the preparatory cycle for the 2014 OlympicsYesin Alex decided to focus on sprint disciplines. Previously, the main distance of the athlete was 1500 meters. Now he was preparing for another 500 and 1000 meters. Alexey included them in the training program for a reason. The fact is that in 2012 the athlete has set records at these distances. And they were superior to the results shown by the winner of the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

Alexei's training went well.On the home skating rink the skater showed excellent results. The trainers considered him the main contender for the Olympic medal. Throughout his career, Esin dreamed of receiving this award. But according to the results of Sochi competitions the sportsman did not get even in the top 10. And on 1500 meters Alexey has occupied only 24 place.

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