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laser target designator

A laser pointer is a device thatenhances the targeting of the weapon and is a removable structure that can be purchased both together with pneumatic weapons, and separately from it as an additional enhancement, allowing to increase the sighting ability.

The sight with the help of LTSU allows you to shootmore precisely, while its effectiveness is significantly increased. The advantage of an accessory for airguns is its reasonable price in relation to high performance and opening up great opportunities for the shooter.

LCU for pneumatics

In the Russian market there is a large numberLTSU for pneumatics, which differ in the quality of the body, strength and accuracy. Despite this, they all greatly improve the ability of the shooter. Usually, similar designs are purchased for rifles and pneumatic weapons. To ensure that the pointer is ideally suited to any of these weapons, its body has a universal mount.

The most common equipment for a rifle or a pistolit is advisable to use the novice arrows, since the laser beam makes it possible to see the point of sight and to control its movement. We can see the beam both at distant and close distances. The use of the sight is used not only by beginners, but also by experienced arrows, for example, for hunting, which makes it possible to accurately determine the target at a great distance.

laser scopes
The structure of LCU

The laser designator consists of a body,which is created from metal and strong alloys. After the performance of the LCU, it passes the testing, which implies impact loads, which means that when you buy a pointer, you get a high-quality and strong system of sight.

To realize the direction of the laser, the sightsThe laser is equipped with three screws, which make it possible to quickly and easily shoot the air guns under it. The adjustment of the direction of the laser sight is performed in both horizontal and vertical directions.

laser sight construction
The design of the case at the base hasuniversal fastener, easily attached to any trunk, in which there is a rod type "swallowtail". In more rare cases, the laser target designator has a different fastener structure. When installing the LCU, the overall adjustment of the sight is not violated.

At the heart of the target designator is a lasera diode that performs the role of forming a beam directed as a visible point into the place where the bullet will fall. In this case, the beam is created in the range from 635 to 670 nm - a red beam. In case the laser target designator is equipped with a night sight, the laser LED creates a beam from 780 to 850 Nm

The advantage of the laser target designator isin the next. The aiming capacity of pneumatic weapons increases by an average of 43%. At the same time, during the shooting at close range, the efficiency is 10%. When performing shooting in the dark or difficult vision conditions, the efficiency reaches up to 52%.

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