The victory of the victory - Nike in Russia

Sport and fitness

The company Nike, whose emblem symbolizes the wingGoddess of Victory, hardly needs to be represented. The famous manufacturer of clothes and footwear for sports has made his motto the desire to accomplish and overcome any obstacles. By purchasing Nike products, the buyer receives not only the result of the latest technology and high quality, but also inspiration to the achievements in his life.

Branded brand stores

Buy original products, celebrating the strength of will and indestructibility of the human spirit, you can in many shopping centers. Chain stores Nike stretched across Russia, from Sochi to Novosibirsk. The extensive range of sports products presented here includes:

- shoes that will make your legs forget about fatigue and give you the ease of a step;

- sportswear, combining stylish design and comfortable wearing, even under the most severe physical exertion;

- a variety of accessories for both sports and ordinary life.

In the shops you can buy the mostlatest innovations, models that embody the advanced technologies. But you also have access to old collections, and many of them have serious discounts. Sale of clothes and shoes of past seasons allows you to buy high-quality original products at reduced prices.

Addresses of stores are on the official website of Nike in Russia.

Attracting and retaining customers

But not only its quality and the innovative innovations used attract Nike buyers. The brand stores operate programs to attract and retain customers:

1.The system of gift cards allows you to give not just excellent sports shoes and clothes, but the choice among a variety of goods. In Nike stores there are cards not only with a fixed denomination. There are also cards, the cost of which is determined by the buyer. Really worth a gift for those who prefer to act regardless of the circumstances.

2.Regular customers get the right to participate in the bonus program. When you make any purchase in the corporate store you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Program participants earn bonuses for each purchase, which in the future can be paid for other Nike products.

Buying clothes and shoes in branded stores, you get not only a great choice, but also the opportunity to save without losing quality.

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