Does running help you lose weight? Helps, but there are some rules

Sport and fitness

Once I smiled after a lot of people, ifI saw them running slowly along the paths of the park in the morning. When I gained weight, I was no longer funny. And the plump people have disappeared, now running in the morning for weight loss is already practiced by slender people. Maybe these are the ones that used to be very plentiful? I do not know. However, in fact that running is effective, I was convinced myself.

Experience behind the shoulders

I started running in my first yearuniversity and once ran a marathon distance. Thin I was not then, but had a beautiful athletic body. However, over time, training was abandoned, and the weight began to gain very quickly. I had to go back to the run. Of course, with a weight more than a centner it was very difficult to start, but I had no doubt as to whether running helps to lose weight. Still as helps.

Laughing last

Once, having grown thin already on 20, I ran thethe usual 10-kilometer distance. Two impious aunts came to meet me, which, however, were not older than 30 years. One of them shouted after me - "do not run, it will not help." And I laughed in response to the voice. Because running already then helped me, but in the end I got rid of 40 kg by this method. I did not plan to lose weight until the model parameters, but what suits me suits me.

What to do?

It is more correct to ask the question, "Does running help lose weight?", But "What must be done to achieve the effect?". There are some tricks. They need to know everyone who wants to lose weight by running. So:

  1. Tune in to run all your life. Of course, this does not mean that you will have to overcome for 10 km at a time and do it all days of the week. However, kilometers fifteen per week after the active phase of weight loss will have to be overcome. This is at least three times 5 km. A trained sportswoman spends half an hour a day, no more. So everything is not so scary. Stop running at all - start gaining weight. The fact is that the muscles are getting used to eating fat and if you throw a cardio load, fat is consumed less.
  2. You can not run to an empty stomach. It still does not help you lose weight faster, fat is consumed not only during, but also after the completion of training. Therefore, you can not go hungry for training, if you want to run at least three kilometers. The burden on an empty stomach is excruciating. The motivation and endurance will suffer, next time it will be much harder to force yourself to train. So cook 50 g (dry) of oatmeal - and after half an hour you can go for a running training. Spend for 5 km you still more than eaten 165 kcal. But the mood and well-being will be better than the hungry "fan of hardcore slimming." Do not eat 3-4 hours before training the meat.
  3. After training, you should not eat for about 3 hours, for thistime you will spend calories, even just lying on the couch. Jogging will give you a feeling of very pleasant fatigue and inner satisfaction. A good workout, if you choose the right duration, will give you a reduction in the feeling of hunger. But if overtrained, then there will be a "wolf hunger". So with the habit of generally more than three kilometers to overcome do not recommend.
  4. Change the power. If you eat a lot of high-calorie food, it will not be easy to lose weight, even taking into account the load. You just will not get fat, but the weight to move down will be very slow, if at all. Does running help lose weight to those who have moderately limited themselves in food? Yes, but less than a thousand the value of daily calorie content should not be lowered, otherwise you will feel too bad. And you will feel disgust for painful training. How should you eat? A minimum of fat, a limited amount of carbohydrates and more protein foods. Carbohydrates can be eaten 100-120 g, fats - no more than 30 g, and proteins - not less than 50 g.

These simple rules were very useful to me. So do not ask the question "Does running help lose weight?", But start working on the problem. And everything will turn out. And I plan to write a book about my experience of losing weight by running.

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