Cooking tea with ginger - a recipe for losing weight

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This spice came to us from South Asia, wherehas been cultivated for a long time. Useful properties of ginger have been used for thousands of years not only in cooking, but also in folk medicine. In particular, at one time it was considered an excellent preventive against plague. Today, this spice has become most popular and popular due to its miraculous property of burning fat. Best for such purposes is tea with ginger.

Tea with ginger, a recipe for losing weight

Recipe for weight loss is very simple and availableto each. Tea can be brewed both green and black, and ginger to use either fresh, or in the dried kind. The latter option, they say, is preferable, because as a powder, this spice is even more active struggling with excess weight. Buy dried ginger can be in any supermarket. One sachet is enough for a long time, because one cup of the drink is enough for the third part of a teaspoon of powder. And that's all! You lose weight because you drink tea with ginger!

Recipe for weight loss can be based onfresh root. To do this, it should be grated and rolled into a cup of tea approximately half a teaspoon. It gives the drink a slightly sour taste and a pleasant smell. So you will not only lose weight, doing your daily business, but also enjoy a pleasant taste.

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Welding, by the way, you can and do not use,making tea with ginger. The recipe for weight loss can be based only on the magic root. To do this, you need to cut it in thin slices, it's enough to use 2-3 cm of product. Put in a thermos and pour boiling water. An hour later the drink must be filtered. This tea is drunk throughout the day at any time, regardless of food. Useful qualities to it will add a lemon juice or a spoon-other honey. But this is already a matter of taste.

You can somewhat complicate the task, brewing tea withginger. The recipe for weight loss, which is based on the miraculous properties of this root and garlic, is considered the champion for burning fatty deposits. For cooking, you need two cloves of garlic and about 4 cm of ginger. The last is finely shredded, and the garlic is left whole. Raw material is poured in a thermos with boiling water (it will take two liters) and after an hour and a half filter. Drink you need to drink for one day, always hot.

As you can see, if you really want to lose weight, butespecially to strain there is no desire, it is possible to try or taste ginger. Slimming tea reviews of many women, indeed, called miraculous. However, one must also remember some other properties of this root.

tea with ginger contraindications

First, it has the feature of raising bloodpressure, so hypertensors and cores carefully, but you can drink tea with ginger. Contraindications concern people suffering from urolithiasis of the kidneys or bladder, inflammatory processes of the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding and hepatitis. Pregnant on the last terms and young mothers breastfeeding, also doctors recommend to refrain from eating ginger.

In addition to fat burning properties, tea based on thisroot has a positive effect on cleansing and maintaining youthful skin. So with the help of it, you will not only lose weight, but you will also grow prettier. Be healthy and beautiful!

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