Adjusting disc brakes on a bicycle: the features of the process

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The bike is very useful and interestingmode of transport. However, it should serve properly, otherwise injury can not be avoided. Brakes are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. They can be different, but absolutely everything should work without failures. Your health depends on it, and sometimes life. Setting the disc brakes on the bike is not a difficult process. But you need to do everything as accurately as possible.

adjustment of disc brakes on a bicycle
It should be noted that the disk system ismechanical and hydraulic. The principle of adjusting these two types of brakes is similar, but there are small nuances. So, the setting is done with the keys. In the process, such parts of the system are involved: pads that provide stopping of the wheel, caliper, and the disk itself.

Setting the disc brakes on the bikeis made so. First you need to examine the system and find out why it works inefficiently. If necessary, you need to purchase new parts or replace the brakes completely. If the wheel was removed, then you need to install it back, while tightening the axle. The caliper is mounted on a special adapter. Do not tighten the bolts too much. The fact is that the caliper needs to be adjusted relative to the rotor. It must stand evenly, so that the pads lie on the disk with the whole area, and not at an angle.

adjustment of disc brakes on a bicycle
Next, setting the disc brakes on the bikeis made simply. The wheel is leveled so that in the fork it stands strictly perpendicular. Otherwise, during the ride you will hear his friction against the pads. During the intermediate setting, the caliper must "float". Now pay attention to the inner shoe. It should stand as accurately as possible, that is, so that its cavity coincides with the rotor.

Now setting the disc brakes on the bikeinvolves checking the position of the discs relative to the rotor. To do this, you need to fix the pads and scroll the wheel. The clearance between these parts must be the same. At this stage, the exact position of the shoe is adjusted.

adjustment of disc brakes of a bicycle
Now, adjusting the disc brakes forThe bicycle is held using a rope and a handle. That is, it is necessary to try to press the lever mounted on the handlebar. At the same time, the rotor moves slightly to the inner shoe, and the clamping part must clamp the disc. If there are difficulties, then the caliper must be adjusted with the help of clamping bolts. If everything is in order, then the brake cable can be attached to the handle.

Now try to ride a bicycle. If the tinder pads are unnecessary, then you need to twist the adjustment on the handle a little. Although adjusting the disc brakes of a bicycle in this way can damage its thread. It is better to twist the cable in the caliper itself. If the rotor is rubbed even after adjustment in all possible ways, then look whether it is a curve. In this case, you have to shoot it and align it. In principle, it is not so difficult to produce the indicated procedure, but if you have never done this, then ask someone from your acquaintance who already knows how to set up the brakes to show you the entire procedure from start to finish.

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