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Arkady Nikitich Vorobiev (1924-2012) - Sovietweightlifter, writer, scientist. Sports fans well know the name of this man: professor, doctor of medical sciences, participant of three olympiads, honored coach of the USSR and honored master of sports of the USSR. Such outstanding results it was possible to reach far not to each sportsman.

Vorobiev Arkady Nikitich: biography of a Soviet weightlifter

Arkady is a native of a peasant family, respected in the district for his remarkable physical strength.

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He was born in the Tambov region, in the village of Mordovo. Mother - Praskovia Alexandrovna, father - Nikita Yakovlevich, who was considered together with his two sons - Arkady and Boris - the famous fistfighter in the district. Also, Arkady had an older sister, Nina.

After a while, the Vorobyov familyRescue from hunger moved to Baku, where she lived from 1928 to 1933. Later there was a transfer to Tataria (Tetyushinsky district); it was there that the children's and youthful years of Arcadia passed. The love of sports for a boy who dreamed of becoming a military man and a lot of time devoted to physical training since childhood, was instilled by a physical education teacher. He was the only local adolescent who quietly swam across the Volga.

Years hard, years of military

With the outbreak of the war, Arkady Vorobyov, beautifulprepared physically, was eager for the front. However, because of a young age, he was not taken to the active army, but was sent to the course of a young soldier, and then to the divers school in Gelendzhik. After its termination, Arkady nevertheless got to the front and served in the Black Sea Fleet as a sailor of the Marine Corps. In support of his feat, when the first in the mouth of the Danube River as part of the landing led the company to attack, was awarded the medal "For Courage".

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In 1944, he was waiting for the Order of the Patriotic War II degree for the implementation of a responsible task as part of the Marine Corps Battalion.

Beginning of the sports way

The war was over, and in 1946 Arkady Vorobievreturned to Odessa, where he took part in the restoration of the port and the clearance of the surrounding water area. The occupation was very dangerous: it was necessary to search for bombs, the weight of which sometimes reached a ton, and to neutralize them. In his spare time, the young man visited the pier to throw on the sailors and watch how the champion Semyon raised the bar (which served as the axle from the trolley), lying there and respectfully referred to as the "axis from the carriage of Empress Elizabeth." Arkady also decided to test his strength, and successfully!

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Not completely believing in their abilities, Vorobievdecided to develop them. Since that debut day, he began to constantly come to the pier and engage with the barbell. Semyon became his idol, stimulating the young man for the result. A month after the beginning of the class, Vorobiev, who refused for the sake of his goal from alcohol and cigarettes, equaled Semen in strength and raised the same weight. Then there were training sessions in the sports club "Vodnik", the surrender of the "Master of Sports of the USSR" standard, the victory for the title "Champion of the Black Sea Fleet" in Sevastopol.

Record for the record!

In 1952, Arkady Vorobiev, whose photo is presented in the article, became a well-deserved master of sports of the USSR, and after 12 years he received the title of Honored Coach of the USSR.

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During this time period the athlete managed todouble win in the Summer Olympic Games light heavyweight (1956 - Melbourne, 1960 - Rome); in the capacity of captain of the USSR team managed to win championships: 5 world, 5 European, 10 all-Union. Also on the account Vorobyov records: 37 all-Union and 21 world. Among the Soviet weightlifters Arkady Nikitich is the leader in the total number of awards won in the international arena.

As part of the USSR national heavy teamathletics talented athlete performed from 1949 to 1962. At the same time, he managed to get a higher education, graduating in Sverdlovsk, where at that time his mother, medical institute and becoming a graduate student of the Department of Physiology lived. At the end of his sports career he took up coaching. In 1962, he defended his Ph.D. thesis. In 1970 Arkady Nikitich became a doctor of medical sciences.

Work in a managerial position

Arkady Vorobyev, whose biography is fulloutstanding events due to the incredible perseverance and diligence of this brilliant man, until 1977, he headed the Central Institute of Physical Culture of the Department of Weightlifting, where he trained 50 doctors and candidates of sciences, who are now successfully working in various sports organizations in Russia and around the world.

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In 1977 Vorobiev was appointed rector inMoscow Regional State Institute of Physical Culture. With his arrival in the higher educational establishment, scientific and sports activities were sharply intensified. Most of the scientific ideas expressed by Arkady Vorobyev a sufficient number of years ago are still relevant today.

From the post of rector Vorobiev was sent towell-deserved rest in 1991 is a vague time for the country, when the authorities strongly discouraged defending their positions of life. In this difficult period, he still continued to engage in social activities, was one of the organizers of the rehabilitation center for Chernobyl children. For some time Arkady Nikitich headed the scientific council of the Sports Committee of Russia.

Work! Study! Train!

Colossal work, huge responsibility,perseverance in achieving the goal, self-confidence and love for his country allowed Vorobyov, whose life motto sounded like: “Work! Study! To train! ”, To achieve significant success in their activities. As a physician, he deeply delved into the essence of competitive and training activities in order to scientifically substantiate the process of planning training loads. Trainers of many countries studied his methods. It is to sport in general and weightlifting in particular, he gave all his experience and knowledge gained. Experiments carried out on themselves, an understanding of the proper conduct of sports training, knowledge of the physical abilities of an athlete and methods for increasing them all helped Arkady Nikitich and his teammates on the way to the top of fame.

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Arkady Vorobyov, whose knowledge wasdemanded by sports federations, often met with graduates and students; within the walls of the Moscow Academy of Physical Culture, its 80th and 85th anniversaries were held. Many people who knew this beautiful, highly educated person were amazed how he was able to recover so quickly after the first heart attack; This fact spoke about the incredible strength of spirit and great vitality. Arkady Nikitich Vorobiev died in 2012 at the age of 89 years.

Arkady Vorobiev's literary experience

Arkady Nikitich Vorobiev - a person who isThe world of sports is hardly equal. The talent of the great athlete in combination with the mind of the leader and the knowledge of the scientist made a huge contribution to the science of sports, recognized throughout the world. On his account - writing a textbook "Weightlifting" for physical education institutions, monographs, theoretical works and teaching aids on training weightlifters. Also from the pen of Arkady Nikitich such memoirs as “Strongers of the World”, “At Three Olympiads”, “Iron Game” came out. Arkady Nikitich is the author of more than 200 journal and newspaper materials.

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Among the awards received by Vorobiev, the OrderLabor Red Banner, Lenin, “For Services to the Fatherland IV degree”, more than 30 medals of various denominations. Detailed information about the features of training athletes at all stages of the formation of sports skills, personal experience of passing this path, coaching experience, a decent level of scientific training, management activities identified Arkady Vorobyev as one of the most outstanding personalities of world and Russian sports.

The merits of Arkady Vorobiev

In 2009, the Moscow City Councilveterans of war and labor Arkady Vorobyov was awarded the title of honorary veteran of the city of Moscow. He was also an honorary citizen of the Lyubertsy of the Moscow Region and the city of Tetyushi in Tatarstan. The bronze bust of the famous athlete is installed in Moscow, on the Alley of CSKA sports glory.

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