Optical sight: the characteristic, the device and a choice of a product

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The optical sight is specialA device that is used to improve the accuracy of fire. To date, it is the best of its kind. The fact is that in the case of using the eye device, it is accommodated one distance, which facilitates the aiming of the weapon on the target. Use it for weapons began in the 17th century.

optical sight
This sight has a fairly simple device. One of the main elements of the device is the lens, which consists of two lenses (there may be more). The quality of the sight depends directly on the diameter of the element: the bigger it is, the better the sight.

The optical sight also has in its compositionsystem of converting an inverted image into a direct image. The necessary element is the aiming grid, through which the weapon is aimed at the target. It is in the same plane with the image of the target, so the eye sees them equally well. It is equipped with a backlight, so that when shooting at night, the image and layout do not merge. In order for the image and the sighting grid to be enlarged, an eyepiece is needed. It is a system of several lenses. Often it is supplied with a rubber pad that prevents slipping and reliably fixes the eye at the sight.

In order for the weapon to be targeted, and the grid and the bullet hit point coincide, the optical sight contains a horizontal and vertical correction mechanism.

Optical sight for air rifle
The body of the device is made of materialshigh strength. Modern devices can magnify the image 20 times. It is not necessary to lean the optical sight to the eye during shooting, since any weapon has a recoil, even pneumatic. As for attaching the device, it can have lateral support. Dimensions of the device are mostly standard. If the deviation from the standard exists, it is insignificant.

Optical sight for air rifleyou need to choose very carefully. Pay attention to the weight, diameter of the tube and the size of the device. Since the pneumatic weapon is light enough, it is not worth choosing a large optic. You should also pay attention to the control of the adjusting mechanism, the diameter of the eyepiece outlet, and the degree of magnification of the image.

optical sight
Naturally, the device must be strong andresistant to mechanical damage. Also the optical sight should be checked for resistance to negative temperature, for tightness. It is necessary to carefully inspect the control mechanism of the device.

Naturally, the choice should be made, proceeding from that,for what purpose the trunk will be used. For example, if you want to shoot at a dash or on fixed targets from an air rifle, it is better to choose a device that can magnify the image more than 4 times. Especially, the outlet should be wide enough.

In the selection process, you have the opportunity to look through the scope of the remote object. You should see a quality and clear image without any interference. It is worthwhile to acquire such a sight.

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