How to shorten the chain on a bicycle: the features of the procedure

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Biking is largely done with the help ofchain. Over time, it sags, because of which the journey becomes more complicated. Hence the question arises: how to shorten the chain on a bicycle? This procedure can be performed independently, if you apply simple practical advice.

What are the chains?

To understand the principles of work, you need to know the typesveloped chains and their features. Now all bicycles use roller single-row targets with a pitch of 12.7 m. Each link has external and internal plates, saws, rollers and rollers.

how to shorten a chain on a bike

The number of speeds changes the width of the product. If there are many asterisks, then the chain is narrow. The products are distinguished by the presence and absence of a lock, which serves for convenient dismantling and installation of the chain.

What influences the elongation of the chain?

The wear of the axles (pins) of the chain is due to a number offactors. This appears due to the accumulation between the parts of the construction of the old oil, which attracts dust and debris. Stretching occurs when the chain has an excessive load when traveling on steep ascents.

Common cause of sagging purposeis the end of her life. The product spoils from impacts, corrosion of metal. To eliminate the inconvenience of transport management, you need to know how to shorten the chain on a bicycle. After that, the transport is again suitable for a comfortable ride.

Determination of the required length

Before you understand how to shorten the chain correctlyon a bicycle, it is necessary to find out what length should be for normal movement. To determine this, the chain must be thrown on the large stars in the rear and front undercarriage.

how to shorten a chain on a bicycle without squeezing

Then you need to unlock one link. In the end, the chain should be pulled as far as possible. To this length it is necessary to add a few centimeters so that there is no overstrain. This is the optimal length.

Preparation for work

To facilitate work with the chain, it is necessary to produce itcleaning. This requires a small cloth, which you need to remove debris and dust. Only preliminary material must be treated with kerosene. Also, a special wash is used, for example, liquid AV-80 or WD-40.


How to shorten a chain on a high-speed bike?Several devices are used to separate the links. It is necessary to use a special squeeze. It is presented in the form of a device, similar to a manual frame with a rod. This allows pressure to be applied to the link axes. You can buy such a device in the store with sports equipment. Its price is in the range of 500-1000 rubles.

how to shorten a chain on a speed bike

When there is no squeeze, you can use the improvisedinstruments. You only need a hammer and a metal rod, which will be a pier to remove the axes of the links. Nuts are also required, which must be put under the links.

Shortening by squeezing

How to shorten a chain on a bicycle using squeezed? To perform this work using a special tool, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Put the squeeze out so that its rod is in the center of the axis of the link.
  • Make a rotation with the tool so that the axis exits the link.
  • Carry out the disconnection of the circuit, then perform the same procedures with the other sections.
  • Remove unnecessary links and secure the structure.

Realizing how to shorten the chain on a bicycle,it is necessary to determine how it can be connected. A narrow half-link is inserted between the cheeks of the wide one. Then the axis enters the hole of the bush. Then we need to check the mobility of the links. If it is of poor quality at the joint site, the joint should be developed with pliers.

Shortening without pressing

How to shorten a chain on a bicycle without squeezing?If there is no special tool that is used to disconnect the links, then it can be done without it. As it was said before, the alternative is a metal pin, a nail. Also you need a hammer that will serve to knock out the axes from the links.

how to shorten the chain correctly on a bicycle

This method requires caution,because due to sloppy action, the deformation of the link plates can be. To prevent this from happening, put nuts under the chain. If this work is done for the first time, then it's best to practice. An old chain or individual links may be used. This requires skill. Therefore, before work on the correction of the chain with a hammer and a punch, it is necessary to perform these actions many times, after which to evaluate the result of the work.

To maintain the product for a long time, care is necessary.The chain must be lubricated regularly so that dust and dirt do not accumulate. It is necessary to follow the rules of bicycle operation, which will extend its service life. Also, no permanent repairs will be required.

Thus, this procedure is simple, the main thing is to observe safety. Each owner of the bicycle can shorten the chain on its own. After that, the transport will serve again for trips.

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