Morning Charge for vivacity and health

Sport and fitness

Usually this is a complex of physical exercises,which perform after awakening. It helps to activate the activity of such important functional systems of the body as muscle, respiratory, blood and bone, even affecting the digestive system, as it increases intestinal peristalsis. Morning exercise gives vivacity to the whole body and helps to awaken consciousness.

A set of physical exercises during chargingIt is necessary to build in such sequence that the gradual inclusion of the organism in the work takes place. First of all, you should start charging from breathing exercises. The whole complex of exercises for morning exercises should be performed with the aim of affecting the joints and all the major muscle groups. The amount of exercise is determined by the number and complexity of the exercises, as well as the pace of execution and the number of repetitions.

Optimal charging length from 10 to 15minutes, repeat exercises need 8-12 times. For men, it is common to recommend statistical and strength exercises using weights, dumbbells or other projectiles. For women, the exercises that strengthen the muscles of the hip and abdominal muscles, as well as developing flexibility, are more appropriate.

Daily morning exercise exerciseshas several different options. There is such an option, called "gymnastics under the blanket," which includes exercises performed lying in bed. There are exercises in the sitting and standing position. The best effect will be the transition from the exercises lying to the other exercises consistently.

At a time when morning exercises are being conducted,be sure to pay attention to the general condition of the body. The load on the muscles should be moderate: blood pressure and pulse rate should be restored after 3-5 minutes rest. If the complex is properly selected, then at the end of the exercises, weakness and shortness of breath should not be. This is not the option when you need to apply the load "to wear", morning exercises should be a pleasure.

It is extremely important that charging is regulardaily event. You can only pass it if you are sick. It is necessary to carry out the charge before breakfast as a stage of the morning ascent. Well, if possible, perform it in the fresh air. A kind of charging can even be jogging in the morning. After exercise, you must take a shower.

Physical gymnastics in the morning is a great way not toonly to cheer yourself up for the whole day, but also a great way to lose weight. For this purpose, a set of exercises is used that promotes the development of waste paper, strengthens the muscles of the press, treats signs of cellulite and strengthens the overall physical condition. The complex of exercises should be selected individually, observing two important rules: exercises should give sufficient physical load and bring sensations of vivacity. Then the properly selected complex will help in a few weeks to bring your figure in order.

For men and women, a set of exercisesthe same, only women need to pay more attention to the hips, and men to the muscles of the upper torso. Therefore, for men this is more strength training, and for women, stretching exercises should be used (stretching). All morning exercises for weight loss will be most effective in combination with a properly selected diet. In addition, in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed in the evening you should drink one third of a glass of raw water with the addition of crusts of any citrus. In the morning after drinking on an empty stomach immediately start your daily exercise complex, they will not only include your body, but also lead to getting rid of excess weight.

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