Rifle pneumatic "Matador" - basic types

Sport and fitness

The air rifle "Edgan Matador" refers toTo the weapons represented in the so-called "Bullap" layout. In other words, the defining parts of the gun - trigger and shutter are located in the back of the body, in close proximity to the butt. Specific design feature allowed the manufacturer to give the rifle "Edgan Matador" the most compact dimensions, which did not affect the accuracy of shooting.

Key Features

air rifle rifle
Edgar Matador belongs to the categoryPCP-rifles. Here the cartridge is released from the barrel under the influence of compressed air energy. A series of rifles immediately attracts attention with a high-quality assembly. As a material for the manufacture of the bed is widely used beech wood. Some modifications contain a bed of graphite, which is almost not washed away as it is used.

Standard rifles include:

  • charging connection;
  • technical documentation;
  • passport;
  • test targets;
  • Video instruction;
  • cover.

Standard Model

Rifle pneumatic "Matador" standardThe sample has a length of 74.5 cm. At the present time, models of caliber 4.5 and 5.5 mm are presented to the attention of the consumer. Pneumatic guns of this category are recommended to operate in a temperature mode from -10 to 30 aboutFROM.

On sale standard rifle pneumatic"Matador" comes in a refueled condition. As the operation is completed, refueling with compressed air can be carried out by a specialized pump or a pumping station.

The gun is supplemented with a manometer that allows you to monitor the level of pressure in the air tank. The change in this indicator allows to improve the quality of shooting under certain conditions.

With regard to the use of sighting devices, the Matador rifle makes it possible to install optical, laser and collimator means.

Extended version

edgan matador
It is the most bulky version of the rifle from the production line "Edgan Matador". The length of the model is 89 cm with a weight of 3.1 kg.

The presented version is reliableassembly and high quality workmanship. The model can contain both traditional woody wood and texture, and completely painted in neutral shades of the body. At the same time, particles of graphite and mica are added to paint and varnish compositions, the presence of which significantly extends the life of the model.

Short modification

The most compact rifle pneumatic"Matador". The weight of the gun is only 2.5 kg, and the length is equivalent to 68 cm. Despite the relatively compact dimensions, the weapon is of high power.

The main constructional feature of the truncatedmodification of the store shifts slightly to the right with respect to the axis of the trunk. This solution allowed the manufacturer to improve the user-friendliness of the gun.

The basic equipment contains several shops10 cartridges each. At the first necessity, the empty container for bullets can easily be replaced with a new one. For storage of shops special fastenings in the field of a lath under installation of aim adaptations are provided.

Multiple-charge model

air rifle matador price
The use of the modified multi-charge version of the rifle "Matador" makes it possible to significantly reduce the time it takes to recharge. Much higher with such weapons and accuracy of fire.

Dimensions of the modified product are identicalstandard model. However, in this case there are noticeable constructive differences. So, the axis of rotation in this case includes several balls that are pressed into the magazine. This feature allows you to cope with recharging, relying on one free hand.

In addition, it is worth noting the inexpediencyfiring from a multi-charge model with an open shutter. Such actions are fraught with the release of sealing rubber from the breech rifle. The result may be a need for dismantling and replacing the upper block of pneumatic weapons.


air rifle edgar matador
Despite significant competition in the production of pneumatic weapons, the rifle matador continues to occupy a leading position in the domestic market.

Regardless of the modification, the rifle series"Matador" is used mainly for sports and entertainment shooting. Very rarely such models are used as the main weapon for serious hunting. The reason is the insignificant power rating of the pneumatic gun.

How much does the air rifle "Matador" cost? The price of a gun in standard equipment is about 55 000 rubles. The cost may vary depending on the equipment.

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