Oleg Prudius - biography of the Ukrainian wrestler

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Oleg Prudius is a Ukrainian actor, afootballer, best known for his performances in the WWE (World Wrestling Association) under the name Vladimir Kozlov. He performed in mixed martial arts IGF in Japan under the pseudonym Alexander Kozlov. Oleg Prudius possesses many types of martial arts, his height is 198 cm, and weight - 135 kg. During his lifetime, he actively engaged in freestyle wrestling, sambo, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, judo. In the past, Oleg was a professional rugby player and an American football player.

Oleg Prudius

Oleg Prudius - biography of the rezler

Oleg was born on April 27 in 1979 in the city of Kiev(Ukrainian SSR). Since childhood, differed from his peers impressive size, so pretty early went to the sport. Back in the 90's. the family of Prudius moved to live in the United States. Few people know that before wrestling Oleg Prudius was a member of the Ukrainian national football team. In addition, he played for an American team from the city of Santa Barbara. In 2005, Prudius made his debut in the open Sambo championship in the US, which surprisingly won. In the same year, Oleg Prudius repeated his success, only in another single combat - he won the Commonwealth of Kickboxing USA tournament.

Career in wrestling from 2006 to 2011

In January 2006, Prudius signs a contract withWWE. In April of the same year, he made his debut in a duel with Rob Conway and wins. On the wrestling matches Oleg met with such characters as Sean Michaels, William Rigal, Santino Marella and others.

Oleg Prudius biography

In August 2011, lost to Mark Henry, after which WWE broke the contract with Prudius.

Presentations at the IGF 2011-2012.

At the end of August 2011, he signs a contract withJapanese platform of mixed martial arts Inoki Genome, where he plays under the pseudonym "Alexander Kozlov". In the debut against Erik Hammer is defeated.

May 26, 2012 in the match for the title of the champion of IGF between Oleg Prudius and Jerome Le Bonerra the Ukrainian suffers a fiasco.

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